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People and Organizations need a competitive advantage, they need to see and be seen, connecting with their prospects and customers, wherever they are.

We show people and organizations how to build their creative and competitive professional brand to ensure greater productivity and success.

We do this by creating a plan and implementing the appropriate tools. LinkedIn, the professional social network, is where we begin.

There is no time to waste; whether you are an organization, a CEO or an emerging young professional, a sales professional or are in a career transition you are your brand and you need to be social.

Are You?

Intero Advisory teaches and trains companies and business professionals how to use LinkedIn to build their personal and professional brand. in strategically aligning LinkedIn as part of a sales strategy you will generate increased results and revenue as you build a highly-engaged online network .

With a focus on developing both marketing and sales talent and strategies, Intero’s solutions are rich in creativity, practical in application and bound by metrics.

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