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Colman Jones is an award-winning writer, investigative journalist, radio broadcaster and musician/composer in Toronto, Canada. He works as an associate producer at CBC News, and has directed and produced for a variety of CBC Radio and TV programs including The National, CBC News: Sunday, Marketplace, Sunday Morning, As It Happens, counterSpin, and IDEAS, where his work has garnered four awards from the Canadian Science Writers' Association. His journalism has also been featured in the Globe and Mail, The Medical Post, New York's SPIN Magazine, and Toronto's NOW Magazine. Colman plays both as a solo performer as well as collaborating with some of Toronto's most interesting artists, including progressive rock bands 241-2121 and NRG, folk/pop acts The Heat, Holy Smoke, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Gwyneth Baillie, The Gloria Shrieve Band, The Roach Motel, Michael Keith, and the Garth Douglas band. Colman scores most of his own radio and television documentaries, performs live from time to time, continues to record material in his home studio for eventual release on CD and/or over the Internet.

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