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  1. 06:07

    Dancing with the Bar Stars for MVL 2012

    by Colorado Bar Association

    3 Videos

    Three former DBA Presidents—Mark Fogg, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, and Bill Walters—are training to compete in a "Dancing with the Stars"-esque competition at the Barristers Benefit…

  2. 29:35

    Senior Law Day

    by Colorado Bar Association

    6 Videos

    Senior Law Day is an annual educational seminar that presents programs specifically designed for seniors in the Colorado community. This seminar will provide attendees with important and useful information…

  3. 35:46

    Legislative Update with Michael Valdez

    by Colorado Bar Association

    12 Videos

    Each week, the Colorado Bar Association's Legislative Relations Director will offer an update about what's happening at the Capitol.

  4. 02:09:19

    WordPress Website Project

    by Colorado Bar Association

    15 Videos

    Learn how to set up your own website using WordPress.

  5. 36:33

    Solo Pro Bono

    by Colorado Bar Association

    4 Videos

    Learn why Colorado attorneys volunteer their legal services pro bono.

  6. 01:17:10

    Five Minute Mentor

    by Colorado Bar Association

    15 Videos

    These short videos from the experts will give you the tools you need to navigate the business of law.

  7. 02:18:06

    Law School for Journalists

    by Colorado Bar Association

    2 Videos

    See past programs from Law School for Journalists - giving journalists the background they need on legal topics they cover.

  8. 44:46

    The Future of the Legal Profession Ignite Presentations

    by Colorado Bar Association

    8 Videos

    The Denver Bar Association held an Ignite event on the Future of the Legal Profession on June 9. Eight presenters offered their ideas about what the future of the legal profession will look like.…

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