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About ColorMeUp

Colormeup is a community of young, highly talented artists who love their job.

All of us work in post facilities as respected artists and as we all share the right passion for our work we all share the same level of communication and interests.

Some of us visited media schools in the beginning of their career and were really dissapointed. In most schools they teach you different programs and walk thorugh the basic tutorials.
But this is not working on a project in real life conditions. Any software is just a tool – the artist has to push it to the limit.
In every colormeup class we work on real projects. You‘ll do mistakes and learn how to fix them. You‘ll receive insider knowledge and practical tips.
In the end you should go home with the feeling to have learned everything you need to deal with the tool.

As we all work as artists we don‘t have a headquarter.
For our classes we walk into post facilities around munich.

Onsite classes also available.

ColorMeUp! is very proud to announce a partnership with Dreamwalks Solutions for Moving Pictures.

For more than 10 years dreamwalks is the adress for broadcast and media solutions in Germany and Europe.
Dreamwalks is premium reseller for Autodesk products, Assimilate Scratch and major broadcast brands as e.g. OmniTek and Lynx.

Quality, honest customer relations and probably one of the best support teams make these guys special.
Dreamwalks also provides classes for various systems, such as Flame, Smoke and SCRATCH.

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