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COLOR WAR is a Brooklyn-based electronic duo comprised of Billy J (Justin William Lin) and vocalist Lindsay Mound. The two forge songs through hazy improvisational sessions, with Lin piecing together beats and synth textures and Mound responding as a medium, channeling melodies and lyrical content in real-time. Neon-gothic stories of loss and vulnerability recall an alternate past, echoing early Kate Bush and Phil Collins, alongside more recent acts like Chromatics, while managing to exist quite apart from each of them.

Mound's vocals crest and slink through arrangements that conjure a familiar pop cadence stretched across dark and all-consuming landscapes. "The album is a cycle of obsession," says Lin. "Many of the songs deal with our more destructive human emotions: jealousy, pride, self-deception. We keep going back to things that happened before."

Punctuated by controlled bursts of noise and drone, the record is an odyssey of swirling harmonics, crystalline synth stabs and primal, thumping drums. COLOR WAR and their live visuals collaborator, Brandon Sciarrotta, produced the record with co-production and mixing by legendary techno wizard, John Selway.

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