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  1. The 14th Floor Cage
  2. Dance Department CCC

    Dance Department CCC PRO Chicago


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    The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago features a nationally respected academic program leading to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Dance. The curriculum focuses on developing skill, personal voice and maturity in the dance artist – as dancer, choreographer and teacher.…

  3. MoCP, Columbia College Chicago

    MoCP, Columbia College Chicago Plus 600 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL


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    Founded by Columbia College Chicago in 1984 as the successor to the 1976 Chicago Center for Contemporary Photography, the museum collaborates with artists, photographers, communities, and institutions locally, nationally, and internationally. As the leading photography museum in the Midwest, presenting…


    CCCCAS PRO Chicago, IL


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    Columbia College Chicago Cinema Art + Science

  5. Columbia College Photo Dept
  6. Columbia College TEAM

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