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On May 8, 2012 an amendment to the North Carolina constitution will be voted on that states:

"Marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state."

North Carolina is the last state in the Southeast to consider constitutionally defining marriage, and many feel AMENDMENT ONE, in a state where same-sex marriage is already illegal, will divide and distract voters from real issues and further marginalize an important segment of North Carolina's vibrant population. The amendment would ban legal recognition for all unmarried couples, regardless of sexual orientation, and strip protections already in place for thousands of North Carolinians and their children.

Within the greater marriage equality dialogue comes a slew of other issues for couples that will be exacerbated by this amendment. They include child custody, power of attorney over trusts/wills/end-of-life-decisions, hospital visitation, health care, domestic violence protections and even immigration.

The hope of the COMMITMENT | NC documentary project is that by discovering the stories and struggles of same-sex couples and others with real love and commitment to each other, North Carolinians will in turn vote to commit our state to protecting equal rights for all under the law, which is the function of all constitutions.

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