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“Austin McCormick has assembled a killer team of the sexiest young dancers, stylists, and musicians into a single cross-genre, corset-clad-if-not-nearly-naked performance machine called Company XIV.” – Black Book Magazine

“Here is a company with something to say and the brains, eloquence, and goddamn balls with which to say it.” –The British Theatre Guide

Founded by Juilliard graduate Austin McCormick in 2006, the company works in the mediums of live dance/theater and film. The work is contemporary, yet Baroque inspired. XIV unite's lavish design, choreography, and music to create compelling 360-degree experiences for audiences in which they are fully immersed in a theatrical world. The work is a unique mash up of Classical Texts, Baroque Choreography, Eclectic Music, Pop Culture References, Opera, Burlesque, Ballet, Circus, Gender Bending, Fashion, and Theatrical Staging that has left audiences and critics breathless.

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