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COMPASS LIGHT has a commitment to science and history content revealing the wonder of our natural world, often in a marine context. Over 300 award-winning long and short-form productions have been delivered over 19 years to broadcast and cable television outlets (and online partners) that include Discovery Channel, HD Theater, Science Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, PBS NOVA. Content has included pirates, vikings, commercial fishing, wind energy, ocean microbial genomics, coral spawning, synthetic biology, sea level rise, island communities, shipwrecks, invasive species, solar science and anthropology, sunrises, earth science, the international space station, and religion. In 2003, the team conceived and developed a new format of television, called “experiential HDTV,” exemplified by the nature series SUNRISE EARTH, which airs daily on several of the Discovery channels around the world. Intrigued by the availability of increasingly immersive formats - such as 3-D, 4-D, 360degree and holography - Compass Light is now exploring how to bring experiential programming to the next level.

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