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Fan page. Complementary Currency materials mainly with Bernard Lietaer, in English, German and French.

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Bernard Lietaer's books:
1.) New Money for a New World

2.) Creating Wealth: Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies

3.) The Future of Money

Further books and readings:

Silvio Gesell - The Natural Ecnomic Order -

Bernard Lietaer: Community Currency Guide:
part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

International Journal of Complementary Currency Research

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. - Creating Complementary Currencies to Improve and Empower Communities

WIR - Review and Critique of WIR and the Swiss National Economy

WIR - The Macro-Stability of Swiss WIR-Bank Spending - Balance and Leverage Effects

WIR - 60 Years of WIR Business Circle Cooperative

Margrit Kennedy - Interest and Inflation Free Money

Margrit Kennedy - Geld ohne Zinsen und Inflation

Margrit Kennedy - Libérer l'argent de l'inflation et des taux d'intérêts

Margrit Kennedy - Dinero Sin Inflation ni Tasas de Interes

Margit Kennedy (Russian) - Interest and Inflation Free Money

Carroll Quigley - Tragedy and Hope

Carroll Quigley - The Anglo-American Establishment

WIR Bank -

Basel Bank for International Settlements
(Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich)

Main Building
Google Street view:
Centralbahnplatz 2, 4051 Basel, Switzerland +41 61 280 80 80

Second Building: 4052 Basel, Aeschenplatz
Street view:

World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Street view:

IMF (International Monetary Fund)
Street view:

IMF-World Bank on the very same corner, streetview:

European Central Bank
Street view:

Bank of England
Street view:
Threadneedle Street, City of London, EC2R 8AH, United Kingdom
+44 20 7601 4444 -

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