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Katja Maria Slotte is a singing teacher, vocal coach, Authorised Complete Vocal Technique (CVT Teacher) and music educator based in The Netherlands.

This channel is dedicated to The Practice Project: tips and thoughts on how to structure and boost singing practice.

"The Practice Project is a series of videos in which I connect the topics that I encounter in my work as a freelance singing teacher and vocal coach, with a research project of mine that is starting to take form. I will be looking into the various areas related to practicing singing, from the physical ones (including vocal technique) to aspects including mindset and mindful learning, creative dreams and artistic ambitions. We'll be talking about getting organized, about exercises, and about stepping out of your comfort zone - which is necessary in order for any growth to take place. Another part of The Practice Project are the singing practice related articles that I share in my blog. Hope you enjoy!"

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