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For over 50 years the School of Visual Arts has earned a unique and distinguished reputation as a premiere college for the visual arts. The Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects department offers comprehensive instruction in computer animation, motion graphics, compositing and visual effects. Located in New York, our faculty members are comprised exclusively of working professionals and accomplished artists Our goal is to provide Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects majors the opportunity to learn the most current imaging and animation techniques as well as to develop both the personal and professional skills required to succeed as a visual artist.

Every Computer Art major receives a strong working knowledge in both 2D and 3D computer graphics. While technology is a critical part of the Computer Art instruction, this is a production-based curriculum and students are expected to produce portfolio quality work. During the junior and senior years, students receive specialized instruction that allows them to further master both the technique and the craft required to produce a final thesis project. Electives are offered in computer programming and scripting, game design, interactive media and installation art. Computer Art majors are also required to take non-computer art studio electives from the many outstanding degree programs at SVA.

The School of Visual Arts is fully accredited and the graduates of Computer Art receive a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. The BFA Computer Art degree program is a full-time, four-year program in which roughly sixty percent of the required courses are studio or lab classes and the remaining thirty percent are humanities and sciences. SVA offers over a dozen undergraduate degree programs including Design, Film, Fine Art, Illustration and Cartooning. There are also seven Master of Fine Art programs including Computer Art, Design, Illustration and Fine Art.

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