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Confused art – long-term project-research. Heroes of the project - real and surreal ideas that interest him objects, both people and objects. The underlying idea is that the flow of thought of any object must infinitely to change. The idea of the modern facility nonstop tunes, mutating like a virus that changes, it there are constant "confusions." Clashes with stereotyping, and the opening of a pseudo-imitation, love indecision and forced or outstanding for the desired actions, inactivity, aging, as opposed to maturation, lack of self-sufficiency and supervision of the modern tendency to want to live vicariously – all it is the materialization in the world of confused on the one hand and balanced confusion - on the other. Confused art monitors, investigates and
analyzes. The result may be useful or invisible. Objects - audience of the project can be the same as studied object within the project. The author believes that the main thing - not a choice. In the modern world, paramount - to create, generate a selection

Vitaliy Molchanov (a.k.a. Milan Vitaliy)
Milan Vitaliy. Photographer, artist and videomaker. Creates his work at the junction real and messy. Works in several genres: portrait, travel-photography, fashion, likes surrealism in various forms, but it the main genre still is the lack of attachment to the genre or Technology. Matted materialization is reflected by all that goes him by the arm - inadvertently collected the water inside the lens fragments colored glass and other unexpected items. In his associations, we can see their own worlds - himself not only the operator and photographer, but also producer, artist, participant, and sometimes - an actor. At the moment, Vitaly lives in Kyiv and more than two years is a designer and DTP different publications

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