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Sydney, Australia

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Conor was 16, on an international volunteering trip when his passion for social justice was first ignited. After three years of Australian based activism and international volunteering, Conor realised he was as passionate about the medium of photography as he was about the issues he was documenting. 

Conor returned to Australia where he gained a bachelor of Development Studies from the University of Newcastle while also working in the community sector, primarily with homeless youth. These experiences provided Conor with the strong foundation that informs his work as a visual storyteller.

While Conor believes in the power of the media he is also deeply committed to exploring alternative avenues for educating audiences and sharing his work. Conor has had numerous solo exhibitions, regularly presents in schools and universities and facilitates workshops throughout Australia.

Conor’s clients include International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Daily Mail UK, The Age, New Internationalist, Big Issue while his work has also appeared in Wall Street Journal online,The Australian, The Diplomat and Grazia magazine, amongst others. Conor regularly works on humanitarian assignments for agencies including The Asia Foundation, AusAID, Austraining, ACIAR UNICEF, Catholic Mission, International Federation of Red Cross, SOS Children’s Village and Oxfam.

Conor is based in Sydney while regularly working throughout the developing world on assignments.

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