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Newport Beach, CA

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Conor Kort is a recent Cinema & Photography graduate from Ithaca College. He has written and directed a variety of short films in the Upstate New York area, and has acquired professional experience and training in Los Angeles. Conor has been a video intern for Edge Music Network where he had creative control over editing and worked directly with the CEO and a variety of artists. He spent three years as the Student Activities Board's music chair, and helped bring artist such as Guster and Jeremih to Ithaca College's Campus. This past summer, Conor worked for Viacom in Santa Monica as a Comedy Central intern where he assisted in the process of developing original content, and attended weekly production meetings with executive producers. Upon graduation, Conor has returned to California to continue his career in the entertainment industry.

* Fun Fact: In his free time, Conor loves to travel. He has spent time in South America, Europe, China, and has driven across the United States a handful of times. Conor is also highly addicted to seltzer water, and drives a DeLorean.