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Pictures, music, sound and storyline: good editing is all about balancing these elements in compelling and coherent combinations. "Balance" is the first thing you’ll appreciate when working at Conquer Films.

Owner Vincent Accardi, a veteran of multiple high-profile projects, he is the ultimate low-key personality: unflappable when the clock’s winding down and never at a loss for a positive suggestion or a creative solution when a project’s needs are exceeding what seems available in the bins.

Hardened by the stomach churning demands of sports television, Vincent’s approach to work is a productive marriage of creativity and timeliness. He is constantly pushing the visual envelope but understands when it is time to get the job done. The quality of his work is reflected in how it has been received by members of the industry, to date he has 17 Emmy nominations with 8 wins.

Throughout all of his projects, Vincent is driven by a steadfast conviction to the creative process. He sees it is a team endeavor that requires a comfortable intimacy between the editor and the producer/director.

At Conquer Films, the environment is always positive, always ready to build even the most fractured hint of an idea into a gripping piece of storytelling.

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