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The Constitution Party is a national political party committed to restoring America to our founder's vision of liberty, limited government and God-given rights.

This account features informative short videos, commentaries and political speeches produced by Constitution Party supporters that provide information to our fellow party members and that give insight into our political views for those who are new to our growing movement.

This account was setup in March of 2011 by Bob Peck who continues to be the primary account manager. It began as a place to post speeches from our biannual National Committee meetings. However, as more talented people come forward offering their services to help promote our cause, we find ourselves able to offer a greater variety of content.

If you're looking for an alternative to the two establishment parties, this may be it. Check us out! Take a look at our videos, then visit our website at

For our Constitution Party supporters who find themselves wanting to share these videos with others via DVD, please be aware that any of these videos can be turned into a playable DVD with just a few clicks. Just following these instructions.

1) Signup for a free Vimeo account at – click on “Join Vimeo.”
2) Click on the video you want to make a DVD of in order to get it to display in the viewer. Click on the video's title in the upper left corner of the viewer. This will take you to the video's home page.
3) On the video's home page, look on the right side of the page, about half way down, for a section titled “About This Video.” Under that title, click on “Download This Video.”
4) Once the video file is downloaded to your computer, you can easily burn it to a DVD using DVD authoring software. If you do not already have such software, try a free program called “Freemake Video Converter,” you can download it at Using Freemake requires no technical skills, it's 'point-and-click' simple.

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