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Crimea, Ukraine

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"Contact" means connection, communication, relationship with yourself, with anyone around, and "Quest" means "search and adventure."

"Contact Quest" - it's a festival of contact improvisation, dance and performance - it's an experimental dance project in the field of dance in the motion, in various spaces and
in the natural human environment. It's came from a creative space of ideas to combine dance with a journey that we have always dreamed to go!

Our project aims to study the altered states of consciousness through body movement in dance ... study of the movement of the soul in its various manifestations and interactions.In the future, we plan to modify and extend the geography of our action and move the festival to other countries and distant lands, such as combining adventure and movement, finding a dance in the most unusual and surprising situations...

At the moment, the festival is a non-commercial project and all funds are used exclusively on the organizational issues related to the participation, accommodation of participants, meals, a transfers, rent venues for dance, teacher's compensation, and other fees. The team of the festival acts out of love for dance, adventure and spontaneous creativity without any profit.

We will be happy and grateful for any kind of support, cooperation and assistance in the organization, implementation and promotion of the festival.

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