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  1. 10:16

    2014 LFC Samples

    by Convivial Studio

    4 Videos

    Samples of scenes and filmic ideas in progress for the documentary film, "Letter From Cloudcroft".

  2. 23:06

    Artist Profiles

    by Convivial Studio

    6 Videos

    A selection of Abiquiu Studio Tour Artist Profiles.

  3. 10:03

    Games for Girls!

    by Convivial Studio

    2 Videos

    From 1994-1997 Convivial focused on the design & production of interactive game experiences targeted for girls ages 7 to 12. Convivial created, designed and developed two series of new media experiences…

  4. 15:14

    Gualala work samples

    by Convivial Studio

    5 Videos

    Short video examples by Patricia Antelles & Melinda Hess. The first video is a brief segment juxtaposing home movies with contemporary footage of filmmaker Melinda Hess returning to her grandparents…

  5. 02:52

    Heritage Blanket Project

    by Convivial Studio

    1 Video

    Heritage Blankets NM are produced with the support of the non-profit Española Valley Fiber Arts Center ( These classic wool fabrics, made with traditional materials, serve the…

  6. 25:08

    Letter From Cloudcroft Documentary Sample Scenes

    by Convivial Studio

    7 Videos

    This album contains work in progress scenes from our feature documentary, "Letter From Cloudcroft" film

  7. 07:08

    LUAU - Lucasfilm Apple Computer Umbrella – Collaboration

    by Convivial Studio

    2 Videos

    The interactive prototypes here are from a unique collaboration between The Apple Multimedia Lab, a pioneering interactive media research group in 1987-92, and LucasFilm before the LucasArts spinoff.…

  8. 00:53

    Memory Moments

    by Convivial Studio

    1 Video

    Fragments of memory, personal or public juxtaposed with narrative elements from Letter From Cloudcroft.

  9. 02:23

    NM True Videos 2015

    by Convivial Studio

    2 Videos

    Two short videos about fiber arts in New Mexico. Funded by the New Mexico Department of Tourism's NM True campaign.

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  11. 06:52

    Tribeca Hacks Archives - 2013

    by Convivial Studio

    3 Videos

    Recap of the 2013 Tribeca Hacks Archives where our “Letter From Cloudcroft-Interactive Film Project” was one of ten teams collaborating to create visually rich & technologically exciting…

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