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Clio describes his own productions as fun while at the same time signifying deep meaning.

While Clio’s heart is in techno music, he also credits hip hop,jazz,dance,dub as important influences to him when younger.

From early sessions with his friend "Romain", Clio was really introduced to music production by Kane Roth (Lessizmore - Archipel).

Since then, he has worked on his own characteristic sound based on a groovy and funny approach of music ,aimed at the dance-floor, but "cool" enough to appreciate it at home or in the living room.

With his first solo productions on "Metroline Limited", Clio gains some good exposure,as the "For Sure Baby" EP was really well received.

A track and an EP that went on to feature on Loco Dice's Beatport Charts and became the best selling Metroline's to date.

Few months later,he got noticed by Nic Fanciulli,who offers him an appearance on the "Saved Sampler 2011" alongside artists such as Andrea Oliva,RadioSlave,Gary Beck...

2012,a brillant year where are released several productions of Clio on some top labels such as "Saved" ("Into the disco EP") , "Rawthentic" ("Your Eyes" EP), "Metroline Limited ("Do it" EP") some remixes for Thomas Schumacher ("Electric Ballroom") and DJ Le Roi ("Noir Music").

Following the success of his releases, Clio sees his tracks licensed for "Cocoon" heroes (compilation mixed by Joris Voorn),but also on "Balance" mix series (mixed by Nic Fanciulli) ,"SonneMond Stern" compilation mixed by Mathias Kaden (one of Clio's favorite artist),"Subliminal Compilation (mixed by Erick Morillo).

During the same year,Clio got to play some big parties in London (Ministry of Sound),Berlin (Tresor),Paris,Montpellier etc...

Next months will feature some new EP's,remixes and appearances on various labels,gigs in different places etc...

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