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On 7 December 2009, the international community will gather at a conference in Copenhagen to try to find a solution to the gravest danger our planet faces: climate change. It is a global threat requiring a global solution. The good news is that governments, institutions, civil society and individuals have joined hands to be part of the solution. There are literally thousands and thousands of initiatives out there that want to make a difference.

CoolPlanet2009 is one of those initiatives. Launched by UNRIC, (UN Regional Information Centre for Western Europe), CoolPlanet2009 is a web-based European public information campaign on the environment. Our aim is two-fold: raise awareness on the issue and to connect the actors. The campaign is year-log and system-wide. Throughout 2009 on this website you will be able to see who is doing what, when and where.

The heart of the CoolPlanet campaign is the Wall of Events where you can post your event, initiative and innovation.

Our planet is cool, let’s keep it that way.

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