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I started Copious Films because of my passion for film making. The company is just breaking ground and would love any support or connections beneficial to our expansion. I currently have paid for all the equipment and software out of pocket. The work is extremely hard, but definitly has its perks. I love the outdoors and capturing the earth natural and urban beauty. Time Lapse is our specialty, but I also have ventured into Aerial Drone work and also do still photography. I am currently looking to invest in high speed camera to do high res HD video and creative slow motion shots. Please share these videos and help me network. Also feel free to comment or message anytime.


  1. Eric Hines
  2. Timelapse, Inc.
  3. Star Mountain Media
  4. Colin Rich
  5. Dustin Farrell-
  6. Mindrelic
  7. Shawn Reeder
  8. Eric Kessler
  9. Kessler Crane
  10. NOVALAPSE Timelapse Recordings
  11. Po-Chih Lai
  12. PMG Film
  13. Tom Lowe
  14. Randy Halverson

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