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Welcome to Copter Shop Ireland and We are here to provide you with the latest products and offers from the multi-copter industry in Ireland.

We are an online only shop based in Meath. We offer only the best range of multi-copters on the Irish market. We provide a sales service but also a tech support service for all our products. We don't try to compete with other distributors as we always try to offer our product line at the best possible price including the full product line of DJI Innovation, Graupner and Foxy. Included in our pricing is our full support service, we will support all our products in full and we will always make sure that all of our product line works 100% as per manufactures requirements. We are not involved in any other section of remote controls like helicopters, cars or airplanes.

Our knowledge is based on our own aerial photography company, we fly the full DJI Innovations product range and we test all products before we sell them on our site.


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  1. Philip McCaffrey commented on SUP 2016
    Wow! absolutely fantasic work Damien. Love it!!!!!! those vertical shots of the boats are simply epic!