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Instructional Yoga Mat "CopyCat Yoga"

About me

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California and I have been practicing yoga from a young age. I did not become passionate about yoga until after moving to the Lake Tahoe area and breaking my arm, literally in half. My doctors told me that even after the surgery my arm would never work the same. This scared me since I spend most of my free time living an active lifestyle (tennis, snow sports, golf, hiking, mountain biking, etc.). I decided to focus on my yoga and in less than a year, my arm was back to 100%. I believe that yoga played a huge part in my recovery and is responsible for keeping my mind and body healthy.

The mat

Yoga had become such an important part of my life, yet I still found myself getting confused with the angles of my feet, the distance between my feet and if I should use my right or left hand. It was especially hard with the standing poses because when you make a mistake everybody sees you. It is embarrassing when the whole class is facing left but you went right. I made this mat for myself and was able to learn these standing poses with ease. It allowed me to focus on my breath instead of worrying about where my hands and feet were. I knew I was doing the poses correctly and to the best of my ability. It was such an empowering feeling and I was able to enjoy yoga on a whole new level.

People in class

I saw other people in class struggling with the same things I was. They looked confused trying to follow and keep up when the instructor called out each pose. I have even watched people give up and leave class because they were so lost. It made me disappointed to watch because yoga is such an incredible part of my life. The idea of somebody missing out on yoga because it was too hard to learn saddened me. I understood how confusing yoga could be but I also knew how beneficial it could be as well.

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