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  1. Britwurst Vienna
  2. Martin Wallmen

    Martin Wallmen Plus Sibiu, Romania


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    Cinematographer Born in Sibiu, Romania. Now living in Cluj-Napoca while studying Cinematography at Babeș-Bolyai College. Age: 20 Contact: martinwallmenfilms@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/martinwallmenfilms

  3. UnderCurrent Productions

    UnderCurrent Productions Plus Woods Hole, MA


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    UnderCurrent Productions is a Cape Cod-based media production company serving the scientific, non-profit and business communities. We produce highly creative media presentations using both traditional and emerging technologies.

  4. aBigQuestionMark

    aBigQuestionMark sibiu


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    The 1977 Alouette French helicopter bounces through the sky with all the grace of a tank. As it approaches, its rotors slice with an intense wump, wump, wump. We huddle together and brace ourselves. The pilot lands the beast, then lights a Marlboro, oblivious to the potent stench of jet fuel wafting…

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