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My name is Corey Hague and I’m a digital content creator working with the ABC . My background is in in video production, photography, writing and audio production. I’m happiest when these elements combine.

A fully functioning geek, I’ve been working with internet content for more than 12 years, and before that in magazine publishing. I love gadgets that help tell stories, new ideas and people who follow their desires.

Slowly starting to get somewhere, I've recently had work I've been involved with make it into film festivals, tv and websites.

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  1. Brilliant. As I say, nice to see some real footage, in a real context, showing good skating and the BMPCC. Can't wait to see what's next from you Allen.
  2. So, just to get it straight - is the Peleng adapted via a speedbooster or is it m4/3?
  3. Well that officially makes it even more amazing! Keeping it steady and framed well is hard enough, but to just do it by hand is pretty awesome. Well done on showing what this little camera can do.