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User Bio My name is Corey Kile, owner of Best Day Wedding Videos and I have been in the media industry since 2009, working as a Writer/Producer/Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Production Department Manager.

I have worked on corporate and advertisement projects, which are all client based and deadline driven, and I've been responsible for several at a time. I also have worked on two regionally broadcasted television shows, Discover Wisconsin (Producer/Cinematographer) and Into the Outdoors (Cinematographer). Currently, I'm heading a production department for a corporate company, responsible for filming, editing, and maintaining all media and workflow (which was designed by me) for educational videos used by a network of 20,000+ individuals.

I work with small to large crews, depending on the project and I have become very proficient with working one camera shoots and lighting scenes on my own, or with a team. Additionally, I have professional experience with editing using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and the various media conversion programs (Compressor, Adobe Encoder, MPEG Streamclip)

I am very ambitious and dedicated to each project I work on, utilizing all resources allowed to me to create the best quality of final product. Sometimes this may require working on a team, in which I can prove myself as a leader, yet take direction when it is necessary. Though I prefer to work on a team, this is not always possible for each project, and I am highly confident in my ability to get each job completed from start to finish as needed.

I am always looking for new opportunities to further my career and advance to the next level of production - this means, yes you may contact me regarding any media related inquires (job opportunities, video service needs, etc.)


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