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Welcome to Coriander Leaf’s new Asian food hub.

Join us in interpreting and enjoying Asian food and, if you are a ‘gourmand’ in any way, come join our family -
as a chef, a cooking student, a taster of wines with Asian foods, a member of our web community or, best of all, a lover of great, fresh , new and ancient Asian cooking.

Samia Ahad, Owner and Chef, studied and trained in a number of leading New York establishments before focusing on Asian food and launching Coriander Leaf, the New Asian Food Hub, in 2001. Her food hub idea was born from a desire to give customers more of a choice with regards to the culinary experiences they could enjoy. Which explains what Coriander Leaf is today; a center for food-related activities showcasing a fine dining bistro, corporate bonding (team building) programmes, cooking lessons, a catering service and the sale of kitchenware, hampers and stylish gifts. All this in a prime riverside setting.

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