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Corie Denby McGowan is currently studying Fine Art Print and Time-based media at University of the Arts London:Wimbledon College of the Arts.
Typically within her Artistic practise elements of traditional craft, such as embroidery and print, co-exist in a harmonious relationship alongside digital film media. Approaching film-making in a very tactile way driven by print-making and collage processes. In installation the physicality of the materials and their presence are fundamental in the way that they create a direct link between the Artist and viewer. The use of textile is significant in that it intensifies the relationship of Artist and audience through the principal of touch. One can fully emerge and indulge their senses in the experience as a whole when being able to touch, see and hear the Artwork.
Themes of gender identity and inter-sectional feminist theory are predominant within the works. While attempting to reconstruct how Women are treated within the Fine Art spectrum. Taking into consideration gender associations, stereotypes and the representation of Women through the media. Employing food as a fine art medium also encompasses the connotations in which viewers may identify with that particular food; these could be issues such as eating disorders as well as the association of Women with the domestic lifestyle.
In an aesthetic context highly eye-pleasing and mesmerizing colours are generated in an obscenely grotesque approach. The work advocates this sense of pleasure and indulgence in viewing overly decorative and excessive visuals. This in a way evokes thoughts of over consumption while also touching upon ideas to do with how commercials control audiences to essentially ‘sell’ using sexually infused imagery. Exploring aspects of power and how seductive imagery is used to lure audiences in as a powerful tool used to manipulate and make viewers feel titillated. McGowan engages the viewer in the same dazzle of which captivates audiences through advertising.

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