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Produced in San Francisco, California, Corner Store introduces audiences to Yousef Elhaj—beloved Shop Owner, Palestinian immigrant, long-distance father—and his struggle to make good on the promise of a better life for his family.

Ten years ago during the second Intifada, Yousef left his wife and small children in Bethlehem to start a new life for them in San Francisco. For the past decade he has worked day and night to build a small business, save money, and become part of his adopted community while trying to stay connected from afar.

Corner Store follows Yousef’s journey back to his fractured homeland to finally reunite with his wife and now-grown kids. But a lot has changed, and Yousef must confront the current realities in both his family and his country and decide if a new life in America is really still the right path for them to take. Maybe staying in Palestine is the best option after all. Stay or go? It is an age-old choice that will decide their future, and one they ultimately make together as a family.

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