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  1. 01:00:12

    Neddy Artist Awards

    by Cornish College of the Arts

    13 Videos

    About Ned Behnke and the Neddy Ned Behnke was a beloved member of the Behnke Family and a renowned and talented painter. Ned had a passion for the arts that extended beyond his own work. He appreciated…

  2. 04:17:42

    Cornish Art Department

    by Cornish College of the Arts

    24 Videos

    Student work from the Art Department at Cornish College of the Arts.

  3. 19:02

    La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall’Isola d’Alcina (1625) by Francesca Caccini. Cornish Opera Theater.

    by Cornish College of the Arts

    4 Videos

    Stephen Stubbs, Music Director | Anna Mansbridge, Stage Director and Choreographer |Christine Meyers, Costume Design| Connie Yun, Lighting Design | Montana Tippett, Scenic Design | Cornish Opera Theater…

  4. 25:25

    Cornish Celebrates an Evening of the Arts

    by Cornish College of the Arts

    4 Videos

    Videos from the annual Cornish gala, which raises funds for Cornish Scholarships.

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