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  1. Trike Drifting - Drift Trikes

    by Corwin Bainbridge joined

    40 Videos / 6 Members

    Trike Drifting videos from around the world

  2. Video Britain

    by Video Britain joined

    1,574 Videos / 700 Members

    We are here to inspire everyone to get out and explore Great Britain. Add a video to this group that inspires people to explore GB. Videos that showcase set locations within GB might be selected…

  3. Retro Rides

    by Mark Wheeler joined

    20 Videos / 13 Members

    A group open to any user from the Retro Rides forum (www.retro-rides.org) who wants to make videos about their passion for cars, meets, events, builds, or anything RR related!

  4. Graffiti Writers

    by Estilo Livre Crew joined

    432 Videos / 152 Members

    For all the graffiti writers!

  5. Graffiti and Street art

    by Collin joined

    2,644 Videos / 1,228 Members

  6. Outdoor Artistry aka Street Art and Graffiti

    by knox joined

    3,270 Videos / 2,490 Members

    This is a group for vimeo videos about street art and graffiti. Please add your videos, I'm hoping to gather a world wide collection of all different sorts of street art and graffiti.

  7. Graffiti

    by Togaone joined

    1,394 Videos / 593 Members

    All Graffiti videos are welcome. Any kind, any where, anyone's. Please only graffiti - related videos. Thanks. ]:}

  8. Just Add Gas

    by Samuel Choung joined

    420 Videos / 54 Members

    Anything related to tire shredding, drifting, burning fuel, crashing, sideways, high speed, and awesome in general.

  9. Petrolheads

    by 33hirtz joined

    2,708 Videos / 404 Members

    We are petrolheads. We can't help it.

  10. AutoBlock Vimeo Community Group

    by AutoBlock joined

    3,032 Videos / 624 Members

    AutoBlock is a HD automotive video/image site with a variety of great content to choose from, plus a great forum to share with friends. We have everything from drifting to classic cars. You can…

  11. Automotive Entertainment

    by AUTOMODIA joined

    496 Videos / 118 Members

    Any types of automotive genre videos hd to just random clips, If you have a time attack, show off video, teasers, car shows/meets, and diy videos be free to add your work or other peoples vid you…

  12. Rapidoz☆

    by emiliano joined

    427 Videos / 83 Members

    For all JDM, Drift and Race freaks!!! Join and enjoy.. www.rapidoz.de

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