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Please get me out of Oklahoma

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Heat and grape flavoring triggers my migraines. When I sleep I dream about not being able to go to sleep. Mint leaves stop my breathing. My favorite number is 3 and I like things grouped in 3's. I have freckles that form a smiley face directly above my clavicle. Pasta and cherries can make or break my day. I'm obsessivly obsessed with Vimeo. Cursed with the curse of curves. Played every sport known to man. Plant and fish killer -- (besides the bamboo i've kept alive 6 years now). Not short or tall. Not fat or small. Darkness is my worst fear. I tend to wander or break things when speaking on the phone. My accent to this day is still unknown. When I say pillow it sounds like pellow. I'm an extremely pessimistic optimist. Shy is the best word to describe me.

Photography is the trade.

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