Courtney Sargent

Phoenix, Arizona

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I am a Phoenix based wedding & portrait photographer capturing candid moments and artistic portraits. I’m a second generation Phoenician and LOVE downtown & uptown Phoenix. I feel most comfortable with a camera in my hand. I like to think of myself as a free spirited explorer and love to travel. I frequently shoot destination engagement sessions around our beautiful state as well as weddings all around the country. I’m very laid back and enjoy life. My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and if it takes making a fool of myself, so be it. I drink a lot of coffee, am a beer snob, eat a lot of burritos, love to cook and spend too much money at vintage shops. I have a growing camera collection filling my shelves due to my thrift store addiction, some of which work and some which I just enjoy tinkering with. Video is a new venture for me and it's bringing me lots of joy!

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