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Astoria, Oregon

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My name is Zack Covell and I'm so excited you just found me.

I'm spending my summer preparing spiritually, mentally, and physically for sharing with the world the Forgotten Nikola Tesla, the Relationship Between Gravity and Magnetism, Ley Lines & Pyramid Energy, Earth Grid, and Human Body, Sacred Geometry - the Golden Ratio, the Pineal Gland Activation - DMT - and the Third Eye, Menhirs, Obelisks and Standing Stones (Form and Function), Sound and Light, Sound and Light, the Physics of Crystals, Water, Consciousness & Intent Dr. Masaru Emoto, 11:11, The Hutchinson-effect = Antigravity, Atoms, Consciousness, the Rutherford Experiment, December 21, 2012 & The Mayan Calendar, Chakras and Meridians, energy centers or vortexes, and more Great sites with PEOPLE related studies and VIDEOS than ever.

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