Craig Gordon

Calabasas, California

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Retired dentist into a million plus hobbies including 3d modelling, animation, videography, video editing, music.

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  1. You should have had him open his visor and breathe "Space", like it was no big deal....
  2. And please don't get me wrong... I would never "lay my hands" on a kid or physically hurt them in any way. That isn't proper or even remotely necessary. Just very harsh words and an evil look in your face is all it takes.
  3. Well. Think about it. After being chewed out by me, are they more likely or less likely to try it again with someone else? That's right. And thats why I stand by descision.
  4. Nobody will agree with what Im about to say, but Im going to say it anyway. When my son was very young, some kids were bullying him on the bus. I got on the bus (without permission), went and sat down next to the boys who were bullying him (without…