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Do you know how you can love everything you buy, yet hate two thirds of what's in your wardrobe? Cravatta Pelliano seeks to reverse that feeling. We feel it's better to have a limited number of truly exquisite garments (that reflect your personality and further your présence), instead of a huge pile of undifferentiated clothing (that does nothing but clog your closet).

Cravatta Pelliano is a new gentlemen's fashion label, which mixes Italian craftsmanship with Dutch Design.

As a new fashion label, Cravatta Pelliano starts off with a vintage favourite: the knitted tie. This is our first project. A classic of the gentlemen's wardrobe, the knitted tie has been gone for a while, and we intent to bring it back -- but with a twist.

Our knitted ties are of the highest Italian craftsmanship. Of the finest silk or precious cashmere, they combine the superb yarns with the best weaving techniques Italy has to offer. Manufactured by small family business, where grand old ladies provide the finishing touch: carefully sewing polka dots onto the knitted ties. Cravatta Pelliano infuses these elegant masterpieces with Dutch Design. The result? A distinctive cravatte -- a tie do die for.

"A well-tied knitted tie is the first serious step in life." It is this adaptation of the famous Oscar Wilde quote that really captures our intent: to have courteous and elegant interaction, as in the olden days -- but in a very modern fashion.

We base our fashion collection on a coherent social philosophy. Citing Honoré de Balzac, we agree "carelessness in dressing is moral suicide". The clothes one chooses to wear have a significant impact on the way one interacts with other people. This is true especially for men. Every time a woman leaves off something she looks better, but every time a man leaves off something he looks worse. Shoes for slippers, long sleeves for short sleeves or a tie for open shirt and body hair: none of this improves one's présence.

Cravatta Pelliano seeks to offer those who truly care about their appearance a product, which is useful, elegant and of the highest standards. For was it not said that if one cannot be a work of art, one should at least wear a work of art? Fashionable garments which make you stand out in a crowd, that underline your personality and single you out as an individual -- in the truest sense of the word. So that when you smile, your clothes smile with you.

It all started in Cambridge, U.K., on a hot summer night in July. One of our founders, Steijn Pelle, was taking classes there. Wandering around the city, he entered a small tailor's shop. In it, he found an entire universe of clothes he had never seen; of fabrics he had never touched; and of smells that took him back to the days when big warehouse stores did not exist yet. It was here that Steijn decided he wanted to engage gentlemen's fashion.

Months later, Steijn found himself in Milan, visiting fashion shows with two of his friends. Sipping from their Lavazza macchiato on a sundrenched terrazza, they discussed the idea of becoming fashion entrepreneurs. On the spot, they agreed to rent a car, call the consulate for some addresses and drive to local manufacturers, to see whether their idea had any merit. And it stuck.

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