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Crazy Lake Pictures is a boutique production company based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in poignant comedy and hilarious drama and a few other genres we invented.

Crazy Lake began life in the spring of 2009, when two friends named Mike Lavoie and Keith Boynton assembled a small team to compete in a twenty-four-hour film race. The resulting film, “The Queen Bee of Mushroomtown,” proved to be so transcendently glorious that Mike and Keith couldn’t help feeling they were destined to make movies together. That summer, they undertook a project called 12 Films 12 Weeks—which was as insane as its title implies—and the following year, their equally ill-advised “Four-Week Feature” project yielded a tender little family drama called Chasing Home.

Recently, Mike and Keith began making music videos, collaborating with such vibrant up-and-coming acts as the Spring Standards and Darlingside. They are also looking ahead to their next feature film, which will be inspired by the borough of Brooklyn, probably.

If you’re a band who wants to talk about a music video, or a fellow filmmaker with an exciting new idea to pitch, we’d love to hear from you. We’re huge fans of collaboration. It’s literally what our company is founded on.

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