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Renzo Devia is a U.S.-born television producer and director of Colombian heritage. As an American Latino producer, Devia continually strives to project positive, dynamic images of Latinos on television. Devia's production experience includes his first television job in 1995 at Univision networks, the nation's premier Spanish-language network and extensive producing experience at MTV and HBO Latino. While field producing for Univision, Devia encountered the Latino audience in the streets of New York city, learning valuable insights into the shortcomings of both Spanish and English television for serving the growing U.S. Latino audience. After listening to feedback from "the source," Devia realized there was a large void in the market. Devia pitched his ideas and projects to Univision, but after repeated rejections from the Spanish television network, in 2001 Devia went independent and teamed up with Executive Producer Robert G. Rose (also a former Univision employee) and his vision became a reality with Urban Latino TV, which pioneered the business model for television programming in English for young Latinos. They created Maximas Productions and produced American Latino TV and which is broadcast in over 100 markets and over 50 million homes nationwide and a companion series launched in 2004 titled LatiNation which is broadcast in over 100 markets and 50 million homes as well as Sonidos, a series of quarterly music specials, American Latino Presents, a series of one-hour magazine specials. Devia, Rose and the Maximas Productions team have garnered multiple awards including the prestigious Imagen Award for Best National Informational Program three consecutive years (2003,2004 and 2005), Telly Awards (2004) and an Aurora Award (2004). Devia continuously develops programming that break down barriers and overcome stereotypes of underserved audiences. In 2008 Renzo sold the American Latino Tv and LatiNation to LATV Networks and is now independently developing new projects. After 13 years of producing English language content for U.S born Latinos, Renzo Devia is bringing his talents to Latin America. His quest now is to tell stories in Spanish from central and South America Latinos. After many extensive travels and great relationships with the Latin market Renzo has made it his mission to educate people on the Afro-Latino culture. His vision has been consistent, to unite Latinos and to empower them.

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