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    Vimeo’s free video ad maker offers easy to use, professionally-designed video ad templates to get you started in minutes. 
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Pro tips for creating powerful video ads that make an impact.

From the earliest days of film and television, marketers have found unique and creative ways to advertise. Today, video is a format as informationally rich and diverse as they come. Figuring out how to create powerful and successful ads can feel both exciting and daunting.

Don’t let the medium scare you, though! Yes, there are more people consuming video content today than ever before. And yes, people are discovering and connecting with video in myriad ways we never expected. Video marketing has truly moved to the forefront of the industry.

If you want to push your best messaging directly to your ideal customers, creating quality, fun and informative video ads is key. Let’s take a look at how to create some great ones with Vimeo Create’s free video ad creator. 

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Define your goals and metrics.

There are an endless number of reasons why a person, brand, or company might want to create video ads. And though it might seem like a no-brainer, you should still ask yourself why you’re making a video. Then, identify the KPIs you’ll use to measure the accomplishment of those goals. 

Video ad editors, creative directors, and marketers know the importance of constantly building toward something. Whether you’re chasing a click or a final sale, keep your end goal in mind as you build your video.

Start with a splash.

The golden rule for video ads is the same as what works digital and online spaces: start off strong. Your number one concern? Capture attention in the first 3 seconds, or risk viewers scrolling or clicking away. 

Provide content of value.

From there, the name of the game is providing content of value at every turn. Generally, you’ll want to create something short, fast and very, very informative. Value doesn’t always have to be in the form of stats and figures. Providing content that is compelling, funny or emotional can be enough to keep your viewer engaged and invested. With Vimeo Create’s video advertisement maker, it’s easy to create fun, engaging video ads that your audience will love. 

Finish with a strong CTA. 

A “call-to-action” (or CTA) is at the crux of your video’s success. Yes, a video watched and enjoyed might be a great boost for your brand’s reputation, but you’re probably chasing something a bit more substantive in your video ad spend. The CTA should be strong and clearly defined to encourage further action.Pro-tip: while CTAs are usually at the end of videos, you can still tease them early and often. The more direct you are with your ask (while still keeping things fun), the harder you’ll drive your point home. Spruce up your video with custom intro and end cards that link users to your website, store, or social channels.

Video ads frequently asked questions.

  • What makes a good ad video?
    • The most effective ad videos showcase a brand’s or product’s benefits and highlight its competitive advantage or unique selling proposition, culminating with a compelling call-to-action that viewers can’t resist. Tools like Vimeo Create can create powerful video ads that convert, all while engaging, entertaining, and delighting your audience with every frame.
  • Are video ads more effective?
  • How do you make a video ad?
    • Vimeo Create’s free ad video maker offers all the editing tools you need to create a polished video advertisement with no video production experience required. Start with an intuitive template and either choose images from our unlimited stock library or add your own clips and images. Use Vimeo Create’s free video ad creator to trick out your text and transitions, then add an irresistible CTA that drives action.
  • How long should a video ad be?
    • It depends! Video ads created for social media must adhere to each social network’s video requirements. The maximum and ideal length for video advertisements varies on the platform and the ad type. (For example, Instagram video ads that appear in its feed have different specs than Instagram Story ads.) Use our free advertisement video maker to optimize your video ads for every social network’s specs, then share directly to social from Vimeo Create.

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