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Make Facebook videos that capture attention.

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Create a Facebook ad.

Learn how to create a Facebook ad that converts. Browse Vimeo Create’s Facebook ad templates to get started right away.

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Create a Facebook cover video.

Find out how to make an eye-catching Facebook cover video or browse Vimeo Create’s professionally designed templates to get started.

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Create a Facebook post.

Make a Facebook post that grabs attention with Vimeo Create’s easy-to-use templates.

How to make engaging Facebook videos.

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  1. Choose a Facebook video template.
    Choose from hundreds of customizable templates to create eye-catching Facebook videos that meet all critical specs.
  2. Add your own video clips or images.
    Upload your own video clips or graphics or choose from Vimeo’s unlimited collection of photos and videos to create attention-grabbing Facebook videos.
  3. Edit your Facebook video.
    Customize your Facebook videos with colors, fonts, layouts, captions, and all the features you need to create on-brand Facebook videos.
  4. Save and publish natively to Facebook.
    Ensure your Vimeo Create video is Facebook algorithm-friendly by saving and publishing it directly to Facebook with the click of a button.
Be Bougie

How Be Bougie upped sales with video.

Creating engaging and effective Facebook videos was instrumental for Be Bougie, an affirmative apparel line. They use Vimeo Create to easily make professional-looking Facebook videos.


increase in sales


increase in average order value

Make your Facebook videos stand out from the competition.

Follow these best practices and expert tips to create engaging Facebook videos that will capture your audience’s attention.

Image adding text in Vimeo's video editor for facebook. Demonstrating several options to edit the text.

Pay attention to aspect ratios.

There are many types of videos you can create for Facebook, from Facebook cover videos to Facebook video ads, videos to share in the Facebook news feed, and more. Each type of Facebook video has its own dimensions and specifications. Use Vimeo’s free Facebook video creator and choose from our collection of professionally designed templates to ensure your Facebook video meets all the necessary specs.

Keep your Facebook videos short and concise.

The most share-worthy Facebook videos are videos that are short and concise, focusing on a single, central key point. Ideally, video for Facebook contains a main theme and central idea to get your point across quickly and cater to today’s short attention spans.

Capture attention within the first few seconds.

Facebook users often scroll quickly through their news feeds, so capture your audience’s attention quickly – within the first few seconds of your videos – to compel them to stop scrolling and keep watching. Adding a custom thumbnail and using an attention-grabbing first frame are key to captivating your audience’s interest immediately.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Does Facebook have a video limit?
    • Facebook supports videos with file sizes up to 10GB for news feed videos, although other size limits may apply to Facebook video ads and other types of Facebook videos. The recommendation is to use videos under 4GB in size to avoid slow loading and playback issues. Video for Facebook must be less than 240 minutes long with 1080p or less resolution.
  • How do you share a video on Facebook?
    • Click on the Photo/Video button on your Facebook profile or page to upload a Facebook native video, then select Upload Photos/Video to choose the video file you’d like to share. Then, add a title for your video, as well as Facebook video tags, a compelling description, and other details to entice users to watch. When you’ve entered all the details, click “Publish.” When you use Vimeo’s free video maker for Facebook, you can download your videos and upload them to Facebook or use our built-in distribution tools to publish Facebook native videos.
  • What are Facebook video tags?
    • Facebook video tags are keywords that can help users discover your videos when they search for related topics on Facebook. Facebook allows you to add up to eight tags for each video.

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