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Creating a compelling restaurant advertisement or restaurant marketing video is simple with Vimeo Create’s restaurant video templates.

How to create irresistible food & drink videos.

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Create free food & drink videos viewers can’t resist.

Use these essential tips and best practices to develop the best food campaign ideas. Make viewers’ mouths water with the help of Vimeo Create’s free food intro maker.

Image of a video scene within a Vimeo Create template, featuring a flat lay of several cups of coffee. Text on the screen reads "Now and pastries."

Set the mood and tone with colors.

If you’re creating a cooking animation video, arrange your ingredients based on color so that they contrast or complement one another and help viewers imagine the tastes and scents you’re trying to convey. Keep the background in mind, as well as the chef’s or baker’s clothing to create a color theme that sets the tone and mood for your video. Use warm, rich colors like deep reds, oranges, and browns for videos featuring savory comfort foods and lighter, crisp, and cool shades of green, yellow, and blue for videos featuring lighter or healthier fare.

Hook viewers in the first few seconds.

You have just a few short seconds to capture viewers’ attention, so hook them with a closeup of a prepared dish, your restaurant’s most popular entree, or the featured special in the first few seconds of your video. If their mouth is watering within the first two to three seconds, they’re more likely to continue watching. Browse Vimeo Create’s library of professionally-designed templates and sample advertisements for food products for amazing video ideas that will captivate and engage your audience.

Make the food & drink part of a larger story.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the mechanics of chopping and mixing ingredients, weave your food and drink into a larger story. Weave in scenes like family members cooking or baking together in the kitchen or a group of friends enjoying a delicious meal. Use voice-overs to share important details or include the backstory behind recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Use captions and subtitles to capture a larger audience.

Many social media users browse their news feeds with their speakers muted, so you can’t rely solely on voice-overs to communicate with viewers. Vimeo Create’s intuitive free food advertisement video editor makes it easy to add captions, calls to action, and other text to every frame. Convey all the important details, whether your audience is watching with their sound on or off.

Food & drink video frequently asked questions.

  • How do you make a food video on your phone?
    • You don’t need fancy equipment to make a compelling food video. In fact, you can create a cooking animation or food advertisement video from your smartphone. All you need is some good lighting, a tripod to hold your smartphone, and a free food video editing app like Vimeo Create to add captions, descriptions, video effects, and more.
  • How do I start a cooking video?
    • Whether you’re creating a recipe tutorial or a cooking animation, a food video should always start with an introduction. Tell your audience what you’re cooking, show them a close-up of the completed dish or meal, and introduce your host, your chef, or your brand. Use Vimeo’s free food intro maker to add captions and descriptive text to each frame to ensure your video is accessible to all viewers.
  • Where can I post a cooking video?
    • While YouTube might be the most obvious place to post a cooking video, it’s certainly not the only platform for reaching an audience with cooking animations, food advertisements, or restaurant ads. Food & drink videos are also popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, making them ideal for cooking animations, restaurant and catering ads, and basically any food video ideas you can think of.

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