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How to use Vimeo Create’s health video maker.

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  1. Choose a wellness video template.
    Vimeo Create’s free healthy lifestyle video maker gives you a variety of health and wellness video template options to create promos, video ads, tutorials, and more. 
  2. Select from our unlimited stock library.
    Select images and footage from our vast stock collection to enhance your video’s look and feel, or upload your own video clips and images. 
  3. Customize your video with our editing tools.
    Vimeo Create’s healthy lifestyle video maker includes easy to use editing tools for adding text, customizing colors and fonts, and more.
  4. Save and share your health and wellness video.
    Save and share your customized health and wellness video directly to social media through Vimeo Create, or download it to use anywhere you want.

Tips for creating free high-impact health and fitness videos.

Creating videos is easy with Vimeo’s free healthy lifestyle video maker, whether you’re creating videos for World Health Day social media posts, designing dental clinic advertisement videos, or creating any other healthy lifestyle video content. 

Image of the Vimeo Create interface of a wellness or health video. The video scene includes the visual of a flowering plant in a vase. To the right, the text on screen reads, "Our first session is free. Book Now."

These professional tips and best practices can help you create captivating healthy lifestyle videos, video ads, tutorials, and more to promote your wellness brand or health clinic. 

Offer practical, actionable advice.

People who want to start leading a healthier lifestyle are looking for practical tips and advice they can put to use without a significant investment of time or money. Video marketing for doctors and dental clinics should be concise, engaging, and filled with practical tips viewers can put to use in their daily lives to give your audience exactly what they’re looking for. Explainers, how-tos and tutorials, and FAQ-style videos are all excellent types of videos for the health and wellness niche. 

Shine brighter with good lighting.

If you want to create a healthy lifestyle video that stands out, good lighting can make all the difference. Your audience needs to see what you’re doing clearly, including where you’re placing your legs and other positioning details. If lighting is poor and your viewers can’t clearly see what you’re doing, they’ll keep scrolling. You don’t need expensive studio lighting; a few quick video lighting tips can go a long way:

  • Use natural light to your advantage. Position your smartphone or camera by a window and position yourself in front of it to light your face.
  • Avoid backlight. Don’t film with your camera facing a window, or your shots will be dark.
  • Try a ring light — you can find inexpensive versions that even attach directly to your phone.

Customize and edit your footage for a polished, professional video.

While you can film yourself preparing healthy recipes or sharing healthy living tips and share it across your social media networks as-is, you’ll get better results in the form of views, completions, and engagement if you customize and edit your video. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a video production studio for effective video marketing. With Vimeo Create’s free healthy lifestyle video editor, you can add captions and descriptive text, create seamless transitions, add filters, customize colors and fonts, and more to create a polished healthy lifestyle, dental tips, or health advice video that looks like it was created by a professional production studio.

Health & wellness video frequently asked questions.

  • How do you market a doctor’s practice with video?
  • Does video marketing work for dental practices?
    • Dental practice video marketing is a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience on social media, expanding your reach, and building your reputation. Video testimonials from satisfied patients, dental clinic advertisement videos, before-and-after videos showcasing the results of treatments, and video introductions for your dentists are just a few of the ways you can leverage dental video marketing to grow your practice.
  • How do you make a guided meditation video?
    • Creating a guided meditation video is easy with Vimeo Create’s free healthy lifestyle video maker. Start with a detailed plan outlining everything you want to cover in your video, then upload your own video clips or choose images from Vimeo’s stock library. Finally, use Vimeo Create’s intuitive editing tools to create seamless transitions, add text, and more before publishing and sharing across social media.

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