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LinkedIn favors native videos in its organic algorithm. Create videos that reach the top of your target audience’s feed with Vimeo’s professionally designed templates.

How to make professional LinkedIn videos.

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  1. Select a professionally designed template.
    Vimeo’s free LinkedIn video creator makes creating stunning LinkedIn video posts and ads a breeze. Easily create attention-grabbing LinkedIn videos that meet all LinkedIn video specifications with our library of professionally designed templates.
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    Choose from Vimeo’s unlimited collection of stock images or add your own video clips or images to create a customized and impactful LinkedIn video for business.
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    Add text, fonts, colors, add captions, and more to fine-tune your LinkedIn videos and achieve the precise look and feel you want.
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    Vimeo’s simple, easy to use LinkedIn video creator allows you to seamlessly share and save your custom LinkedIn videos, making LinkedIn video marketing achievable for everyone.

Pro tips for creating high-impact LinkedIn videos.

Give your LinkedIn videos a professional feel.

LinkedIn video marketing is a powerful way to engage your audience. Follow these expert tips and best practices to create LinkedIn videos that make a big impact.

Mockup of a LinkedIn ad template of an open house ad. Includes a right-hand toggle for scale and opacity.

Tell a compelling story with LinkedIn video.

LinkedIn video marketing is all about storytelling – even LinkedIn video for business – so it’s essential to craft a powerful story that gets your message across. Plus, social media users’ attention spans are short, so you need to grab their attention in the first 10 seconds or less to keep them watching. Start with a clear objective, such as building brand awareness, getting users to click to learn more about your products or services, or converting viewers to subscribers or buyers, and create an engaging story and plan your video content with that goal in mind.

Convey your message visually with graphics and text.

Many users watch LinkedIn videos without sound, so if you rely on audio to convey your message or tell your story, you’ll quickly send your viewers scrolling past. Use subtitles, captions, and other text to communicate your key messages so that even users watching without sound will easily grasp the main takeaways. Vimeo’s LinkedIn video creator makes it easy to add all the text you need to tell your story, including captions, subtitles, descriptions, and more to keep viewers engaged.

Test and optimize to find the perfect video length for LinkedIn.

The ideal video length for LinkedIn varies based on your objective, but you should always test your content to find the right length for your message and your audience. Short videos between 5 and 15 seconds are ideal for creating cliffhangers and compelling viewers to click through to learn more or get the rest of the story. Product overviews and explainer videos meant for building brand awareness or consideration typically perform best at about 30 seconds in length. Videos longer than a minute are best for educating viewers, such as sharing key takeaways from a conference or webinar, and they also work well for sharing detailed customer testimonials or sharing promotional offers to generate demand.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What’s the recommended length of video on LinkedIn?
    • You can share videos on LinkedIn between 3 seconds and 10 minutes in length. The recommended video length for LinkedIn depends on the type of video you’re sharing. The recommended length for LinkedIn ad videos is 15 seconds or less, but educational videos can be a bit longer. Long-form videos can generate just as much engagement as short-form videos on LinkedIn if your story is complex and compelling enough to capture viewers’ interest.
  • What’s the best video format for LinkedIn?
    • LinkedIn supports a variety of video formats for native LinkedIn videos (in-feed LinkedIn videos), including ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, and WebM. LinkedIn video ads, on the other hand, must be in MP4 format. So, if you’re planning to use some part of your video for a LinkedIn video ad, it’s best to stick with MP4. Otherwise, you can use whatever supported LinkedIn video format you prefer.
  • How do you add a video to LinkedIn?
    • It’s easy to share videos on LinkedIn by dropping a link in your post or (even better)  sharing a video natively. A native LinkedIn video is typically a video file that you upload on the desktop site or record using the mobile app. You can even include videos in LinkedIn Articles (formerly known as LinkedIn Pulse). With Vimeo Create, you can publish your newly created video directly to LinkedIn, right from the Vimeo platform.

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