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  1. Choose a fitness video template.
    Vimeo Create’s free sport highlight video maker includes a full library of professionally designed templates for workout videos, sports gear ads, and more.
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    Browse Vimeo Create’s unlimited collection of stock images and footage to find the perfect workout video clips, sports photos, and graphics for your video. You can even add your own!
  3. Add your own style.
    With the help of our free fitness video maker, you can add personal touches to every part of your workout videos, fitness routine videos, and sports ads. Add captions, text, transitions, music, filters, and other elements to craft a unique, branded sport highlight video or fitness video.
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Kick your free sport and fitness video into high gear.

Don’t work up a sweat trying to figure out how to make an engaging sport highlight video or fitness routine video. Follow these expert tips and best practices to produce sports and fitness videos that motivate and inspire.

A still image of the Vimeo Create sport and fitness video maker during the editing process. A woman jumps rope in a gym. Text on the screen reads "Total Body Workout - 30 Minutes."

Let your personality shine.

The sports and fitness industry is a competitive one. Don’t get lost in the mix by trying to be just like everyone else. Carve out your own niche and be authentic to draw in an audience that will keep coming back for more. Make sport highlight videos and fitness routine videos that match your personality through colors, music, animations, and transitions with Vimeo Create’s free sport highlight video maker.

Shoot from several angles.

The more your audience can learn from you, the better. Whether you’re filming soccer drills or a workout video, make sure you have shots in several angles so viewers never miss an action-packed moment. Use the Vimeo sport highlight video maker to piece together your clips seamlessly.

Keep it simple.

A sport highlight video or fitness routine video should be energized, but not overwhelming. Avoid quick and frequent transitions to other angles, distracting music, and unnecessary graphics. Keep the focus on you and your activity.

Sport & fitness video maker frequently asked questions.

  • How do you make a sport highlight video?
    • Add your sport clips and images to the Vimeo Create sport highlight video maker for a quick and simple video editing experience. Include clips from various angles, add transitions and graphics, and edit the lighting and video quality. The result? A polished sport highlight video— no professional video editing experience needed!
  • Are fitness videos effective?
  • How do you make a sports video interesting?
    • Sports videos are all about action. Combine up-close clips with action shots, energizing transitions, and motivating music to show off highlights, tutorials, plays, and more with Vimeo’s free sport video maker. Try to shoot from several different angles to make sure you catch every piece of movement.

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