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How to create engaging videos online for free.

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  1. Choose a free video maker template.
    Vimeo Create’s free video maker offers templates for video ads, promos, tutorials, educational videos, and more. Get started in minutes! 
  2. Choose from our unlimited stock library.
    Choose images from Vimeo Create’s unlimited stock library or upload your own video clips and images to customize your video. 
  3. Edit and fine-tune your video.
    Vimeo Create’s online video maker includes all the tools you need to easily add text and captions, create transitions, customize colors, and more. 
  4. Save and share your custom video.
    Save and share your video directly to social media with Vimeo Create’s intuitive online video maker or download and use it on any platform.

Pro tips for creating engaging videos with our free video maker.

Vimeo Create’s online video maker empowers business owners and marketers to create professional-quality video at scale. 

Small business owners want to be creating video, but only 22% felt they created enough in 2019, but nearly all (96%) of the thousands surveyed said they would create more video if hurdles like time, cost, and complexity were removed from the equation. We made Vimeo Create specifically to remove those obstacles, so you can publish impactful social videos across all your marketing channels. 

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Decide what type of video you want to create. 

“What video should I make for my business?” Marketers, entrepreneurs, and emerging brands know this question all too well. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite types of videos you can create with Vimeo’s easy video maker — it’s free!— and why you should use them, like: product videos; explainers; promotions, deals, and giveaways; customer reviews; big announcements, and more.

Get inspired by Vimeo Create’s professional design templates.

Vimeo Create’s template library has endless options locked and loaded to make the video creation process simple and stylish. Use your personal footage or simply tap into our integrated stock library with millions of high-quality curated clips and stills, or pick music from our built-in unlimited library. Of course, you can always make your video from scratch!

Incorporate your personality and brand.

Don’t be afraid to use a little personality. If you have your own photos, upload and use them in a Vimeo Create template. Match the right look for your brand with customizable text captions, colors, fonts, layouts, logos, calls-to-action, and end screens. Our AI does all the complex editing work for you. We think it might be actual magic. 

Keep your copy short, but don’t be afraid to trick out your text.

Opt for maximum readability with short copy that’s easy to scan. This will look best in our templates, but it will also help your viewers grasp the key points of your promo. Adding extra spaces before and after your text can modernize the look and feel of your video. Don’t forget to end with a powerful call to action so viewers know exactly what to do next.  

Get creative with sticker overlays. 

We’ve got stellar color palette options for your videos — but what if you want one slide to be a different color than the rest? Our nifty Sticker Overlay tool is here to help. This feature gives users the flexibility to add whatever they want to their video. Think: your logo, cool shapes, fancy typography, and images. You can also upload a JPG of the background color of your choice.

Video maker frequently asked questions.

  • How can I make a video with pictures and music for free?
    • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t — plus, consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered through video. That’s why we designed Vimeo Create, a free online video maker that enables easy-peasy video editing, no matter your skill level. Vimeo Create is an easy video maker online with music and effects (for free!) with customizable templates and a limitless stock library.
  • How do I access Vimeo Create?
  • How do I create a video on Vimeo?
    • To get started, download the Vimeo Create mobile app or head to the online video maker via your desktop, plus access your videos interchangeably between the two. Repurpose videos already uploaded to your Vimeo account; make seamless, text-based videos; or upload your own media from your camera roll, Google Photos, or computer. Once you’re ready to create your video, watch this quick tutorial on the ins and outs of Vimeo Create.

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