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  1. MACHINE MAN - The Incredible One Man Band - IMPRO WITH IPAD - PERFORMANCE LIVE 2013


    from MACHINE MAN - One Man Band / Added

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    MACHINE MAN ! - Expérimental Electro Garage ... VIDEO du Concert de MACHINE MAN ! - One Man Band «On the electric sound performance»...  Quand MACHINE MAN ne s'arrête plus de jouer.... même pendant le démontage : le final des 4 sets : Montage Vidéo du Live, brut de décoffrage... Installation : Batterie / Korg Ms 20 / Thérémine / Korg Microkorg / Mégaphone / Roland Rc 50 / Voix ... Guitare... en attente de la réparation du thérémin Moog utilisation de l'IPAD avec Bebot mon copain robot... Live Juillet 2013 - Festival à Monbalen avec Deadnotes Asso  MACHINE MAN !!! - One Man Band "On the Electric Sound Performance" - Electro Analogic Garage Experimental - Pure Experience Analogic and Human Energy ! Biographie : On the Electric Sound Performance since 2007 Description : MACHINE MAN !!! - One Man Band "On the Electric Sound Performance" - Electro Analogic Garage Experimental ... - Pure Experience Analogic and Human Energy ! -------------------------------------------------------------- MACHINE MAN ! Genre : One Man Band - Expérimental / Electro Garage Noise Pop... 100% Pure Experience Analogic and Human Energy ! Lieu : Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France Site Web : Label : Mr MACHINE MAN ! - Type de label : Non signé Bio : Project «MACHINE MAN !» - Since 2007 MACHINE MAN ! - "Sounds of soul to across the sound materials of electric music raw performance". Comment dire... «comme un truc qui faut que ça sorte»... alors, les ondes et vibrations s'en mêlent, comme un flux vital rythmé par des pulsations instinctives, quasi état de transe, de recherche constante... sur un fil... Machine Man délivre un univers intense, souvent intime, des tréfonds des vagues à l'âme, énergie déferlante par les flots d'un yaourt fragile, assortiment de vocalises abstraites, mais pourtant pleines de sens, d'émotion et parfois de révolte... toujours spontané, improvisé sur une trame aléatoire du MS20, inspiré de l'instant "t", le moment vécu... partagé. Ne rien dire c'est tout dire ou du moins offrir à chacun la possibilité de nourrir cette expression du langage de la sonorité au-delà des mots comme chacun l'entend, au travers de son propre univers, une histoire, des paroles qui sont propres à chacun de nous... "How to say ... "As something that must come out" ... then, waves and vibrations are involved, as a vital flow punctuated by pulses instinctive, almost trance-like state, constant research ... on a wire ... Machine Man delivers an intense world, often intimate depths of the soul waves, wave energy by the waves of delicate yogurt, assorted vocalizations abstract, yet full of meaning, emotion and sometimes revolt .. . always spontaneous, improvised on a random frame MS20, inspired by the moment "t", the time lived ... shared. Say nothing that says it all, or at least give everyone the opportunity to feed this expression of the language of sound beyond words as everyone hears through his own universe, story, words that are specific to each of us ..." Membre : David PERNOLLET = MACHINE MAN ! MACHINE MAN is One Band Show «On the electric sound performance»... Installation Electro-Acoustique : Batterie / Korg Ms 20 / Thérémine / Korg Microkorg / Korg Microkorg XL / Roland Rc 50 / KAOSS PAD / AMEC TAC BULLET / Voix ... Influences : "Quand l'art rencontre la science, la recherche empirique devient de l'improvisation..." ""When art meets science, empirical research becomes improvisation ... ....The EX, Sonic Youth, Pierre Henry, Tom Cora , Fred Frith, Dog faced hermans, David Bowie, U2, Primus, Pavement, Jon Zorm, Pixies, Police, Adn to x, Kraftwerk, Soft cell, Chimical Brother, Depeche Mode, Radio Head, Aphex Twin, Hendrix, The B-52's, Stranglers, Lou reed, REM, The Stooges, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Nirvana... Contact Booking : David PERNOLLET

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    • an Angel in the heat


      from Erik Hölperl / Added

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      Angel is a true adventurerer. To fulfill his dream of traveling europe his hometown collected money, so he can compete at Simple Session and Fise. He got a bit of lost in estonia but luckely he run into the right person. Ruben Alcantara. Ruben invited him to Malaga where he stayed for a couple of days to prepare him for FISE Contest this week. Ruben and me shared Ideas of how we could help this brave young man and we came up with the idea to make a video for him. With just a few hours to go we had no choice but to film in the burning sun but he took it like a champ. You could feel his strong will to progress and explore his own and the boundaries of bmx in general. Dont be fooled, this was just him warming up. He got all sorts of frontflip combos and even cashrolls in his bag. Remember the Name ! Music by Roberto Herruzo youtube: if you have a company and want to help him out you can find him on Facebook.

    • Guard Llamas Rock!


      from Rick Scully / Added

      This came together rather by accident. I was looking over some footage in my video directory and found this Hyperlapse video I took sometime this winter. I decided to play around with it a bit, and the end result is exactly as the footage was originally taken. I only speed up or slowed down the footage. No cuts, and all in its original order. For those not familiar, a Hyperlapse essentially creates a mini time-lapse film. From the sheep and llamas point of view I am walking very slowly around them and the barn. It isn't until I play with the digital images that it looks like the camera is some sort of predator that is after them. I assure you NONE of the animals were harmed in the making of this film! The funny thing was the first piece of music I chose is what you hear here. The film was originally 25 seconds long, and so is the song. The film because a little longer, as I sped up and slowed down parts of the film, and I felt the music just fit perfectly with the footage. I hope you agree. Please feel free to share this little film with your friends.

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      • Omni Verse (Timelapse RWAFilms) Ep 1


        from Rob Arnold / Added

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        Shot from October, 2014 through April, 2015 on the east and west coasts of the US. This is a creative experiment; the first in a series, creatively portraying our connection with the environment as well as hinting towards the story of my wife and I; the experiences, events and hardships we have been through over the course of the past year and a half. OmniVerse is a fresh interpretation of what a time lapse can be and has been produced with almost no editing, with the photos presented as is in the sequences they appeared in naturally. I wanted to retain the organic feel and as a result this project sort of created itself. (I apologize for the quality of the video not being were it should be....Please stay tuned for upcoming videos with better quality!) This video is up for review here on Vimeo as well as on my website. I appreciate any creative input, constructive criticism and discussions about any anomalies or interesting aspects you may perceive in this video. 1) Please send me an email if you find a specific photo that you like as I will be selling high-quality (full-frame RAW) digital copies and prints in the near future: 2) For more time lapses and other projects, please visit my website: Please register in our upcoming community/blog where we will be reviewing and discussing fun, insightful and interesting topics in an effort to further each other's creative and professional development and evolution.: 3) Music credit: "Sierra Leone" by Mt. Eden Dubstep 4) Disclaimer: This video (photographs & time lapse) was created by Rob Arnold (RWA Films) and the Creative Commons license is applicable to those parts of this project only, song excluded as I am not the copyright holder of the song "Sierra Leone" by Mt. Eden Dubstep. I am not intending on making money on this project (video & audio) as it is under the fair use law which means it is non-profit, for educational purposes and to stimulate the creative enrichment of the general public. I do intend on selling digital copies and prints of the photographs solely which are created by myself in their entirety. I am not intending on infringing on copyright of any kind. Thanks!

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        • Hounted Zuzanna Grzegorowska


          from Multimedia Studio / Added

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          Hounted is an interactive project that works as a sort of a mirror, reflecting person's movements on the screen. The possibilities of Animata software inspired me to create an image that lets hidden reality be uncovered. We, the viewers, reveal the invisibe by our own body's moves. Zuzanna Grzegorowska, 2014 Students were asked to design an interactive motion sensing installation for one person. They were given the hardware and software setup which included: kinect sensor, open source software developed by Kitchen Budapest: Animata, and NI Mate software (for interpreting data between kinect sensor and Animata via OSC). Students could mix and match between three paths of guidelines for the project. First path: the Hounted House idea. Hence the creepy and scarry atmosphere. Primary purpose of the installations was to be a part of 2014 Night of Museus at PJWSTK Warsaw. Second path: design an kinect installation that is based on extraordinary application of human skeleton data traced by Kinect Sensor. By that we ment not to choose a clearly recognisible human-like puppet as a core of design, but to stretch the possibilities of Animata software and look for design challenges in given media. Third path: design an interactive self-portrait. Kinected project was an assignment for the 1st year MA students 2013/2014, winter semester. more at:

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          • The flood of the world - An Inca myth


            from Nathalia Castro / Added

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            During our trek to Salkantay mountain in Peru, our guide, Jose Tito, told us all sorts of myths and stories about the quechua people. We particularly like the one about the origin of the Incas and the explanation why they were surrounded by these huge mountains. It's a short video about the flood of the world and how everything started for the Peruvians. Disclaimer - I'm more of a music fan than a musician. I do not own the rights to this song. The purpose of this video is strictly for personal use. Shot with a Canon Rebel t5i.

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            • Mar Chiquita's Birds II


              from Ryker Vorton / Added

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              This is my third video, reached the 5 minutes milestone! :) I am here on the birds topic again, with some improvements over my first bird's video by using a decent tripod and i am getting more comfortable with focusing through the live view screen. I believe a few things have improved, camera stability and tracking moving subjects on top of the list. This time I decided to add some sound effects besides the music, some are "rescued" from the original footage, some came from sound sharing sites (check credits below). Still, i see some glitches here and there during the edit, I am confident i will sort them out soon enough. Another improvement came from the editing software. I keep using both VirtualDub and GoPro Studio, which are free, and Adobe Photoshop CC (mostly for color management) but now i added Adobe Premier Pro CC 2014 and Adobe Audiotion CC 2014 (for sound editing, i love this software). Not only improved the overall processing but they make it much faster and efficient! Things I like about this video are the flying birds with slow motion effects, and the picture-in-picture take. Things I don't like: The countryside panning, I still need a lot of practice to do them! I did this one while trying a stabilized lens, so it was done handheld. I didn't like the lens, i prefer a good tripod instead, but i still included the pan in the video because it gets the viewer into situation. Also the couple of processing glitches, probably due to my computer being too underadecuate for video editing. Ok, for my fellow bird lovers, this is the list of birds you can see in the video (main subjects only) Per order of appearance: (naming format is spanish, latin and english) Gavilán Planeador (Circus buffoni) Long-winged Harrier Pecho Amarillo Común (Pseudoleistes virescens) Brown-and-yellow Marshbird Flamenco Austral (Phoenicopterus chilensis) Chilean Flamingo Tero Común (Vanellus chilensis) Southern Lapwing Becasa de Mar -Plumaje Nupcial- (Limosa haemastica) Hudsonian Godwit -mating plumage- Tero Real (Himantopus mexicanus) Black-necked Stilt Pitotoy Chico (Tringa flavipes) Lesser Yellowlegs Cigüeña Americana (Ciconia maguari) Maguari Stork Rayador -bandada e individuos- (Rynchops niger) Black Skimmer -flock and individuals- Gaviota Capucho Gris (Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus; Gray-hooded Gull) Tech Data: CAMERA: Nikon D750 LENSES: Nikkor 55-200 VR & Vivitar Series 1, 800MR ACCESORIES: Manfrotto 144 tripod & Manfrotto 128LP head. WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, with breeze. CREDITS: Sound FX: Rynchops niger flock: by Daniel Lane, Water Splashes: by Speedygonzo, Fishing Boat Engine: by Arnaud Coutancier, Camera Clicks: by Akonze, Music: "M, Volume II" by (morse) ( "Kitten" by Podington Bear ( "Tu Vieja" by Sergio Moya ( "Lam" by Sergio Moya ( "Ambient Cool" by Sunsearcher ( - - - - - All third party material is under Creative Commons license and/or specific authorization from the authors. - - - - - THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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              • Timelapse // Monuments in Jerusalem


                from Ofira & Hadass / Added

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                Last month we have been invited to organise Stopmotion workshops @ KUBIYA in Jerusalem. This is the result of one of the various collaboration between participants - some of which have never done any sort of animation before. In this workshop participants were asked to make paper cubes from different paper images, all of them depicting architectural monuments in Jerusalem. Then place their cube on top of a transparent surface while a camera was taking pictures of the various organised cube from above. The camera was set up to take a picture every 20 second. By the end of the workshop we assembled all the images into one strip of timelapse - making it look like the continuous, ever changing landscape of contemporary Jerusalem. A second camera was shooting the participants and the movement of the crowd during that workshop. edited by Ofira Levanon music by Ibey - River , XL Recordings 2015

              • #NIDRA - Promo 4


                from OOOPStudio / Added

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                NIDRA is a live performance for electric guitar and video exploring the concept of the sleep-like state experienced by yogis during extended meditations. The concert features guitarist Giacomo Baldelli together with original video productions by OOOPStudio. NIDRA is a meditation, a lucid sleeping where the human being gets step by step aware of himself as entity made of flesh and bone, a body, but also made of a consciousness, dreams, thoughts – even dark. The end of this sort of mental journey is the waking up of the human being, now ready to face the world. Video: OOOPStudio Electric Guitar: Giacomo Baldelli Music: Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint

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                • Portal Fridge - This is how pros get something to drink!


                  from Patrick Zadrobilek / Added

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                  "This is how I manage to get a fresh drink out of the fridge, sort of..." Tribute to Freddie Wongs portal gun video 4 years ago. This is a weekly series of movies created by a Austria independend film group helmed by Patrick Zadrobilek. If you want to know more about my videos and my work, visit If you like it, feel free to share it! Behind the scenes video coming soon. Last weeks video found on Please donate if you want to see more videos like this!

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                  • VideoMagic Films® - Apna Virsa Lohri 2015 Celebrations


                    from VideoMagic Films ® / Added

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           Apna Virsa organised a fun filled family entertainment evening to celebrate Lohri at Riverside Venue, Heathrow. Lohri - the popular bonfire festival of North India is celebrated on 13th January every year, marking the end of an intense winter and celebrating the sowing of the rabi crop. The origin of Lohri is related to the central character of most Lohri songs, Dulla Bhatti, a Muslim highway robber who lived in the Punjab during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Besides robbing the rich, he rescued Hindu girls being forcibly taken to be sold in the slave markets of the Middle East. He arranged their marriages to Hindu boys and understandably, though a bandit, he became a hero of all Punjabis. So every other Lohri song has words to express gratitude to Dulla Bhatti. Fire is associated with concepts of life and health. Fire, like water, is a symbol of transformation and regeneration. It is the representative of the sun, and is thus related, on the one hand with rays of light, and on the other with gold. On this occasion, people offer peanuts, popcorn and sweets made of til- chirva, gajak and revri – to propitiate fire as a symbol of the sun god. People gather around the rising flames, circle around (parikrama) the bonfire and throw puffed rice, popcorn , Gajak, Jaggery and peanuts into the fire, shouting "Aadar aye dilather jaye" (May honor come and poverty vanish!), and sing popular folk songs. This is a sort of prayer to bless the land with abundance and prosperity. People meet friends and relatives, exchange greetings and gifts, and distribute prasad . The prasad comprises five main items: til, gajak, jaggery, peanuts, and popcorn. Winter savories are served around the bonfire with the traditional dinner of makki-ki-roti (multi-millet hand-rolled bread) and sarson-ka-saag (cooked mustard herbs). The first Lohri celebrated by a new bride or a newborn represents a grand occasion and immediate family members are invited for a feast and exchange of gifts. The fertile area of the Punjab is a land of exciting culture, myriad images of swaying emerald green fields and hearty people whose robust rustic dances reflect a unique camaraderie and bonhomie. Lohri dances are very much a part of the heritage of the Punjab.

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                    • Unusual Batwing Slug


                      from liquidguru / Added

                      It’s always nice to see something for the first time. This is a short video of a yet undescribed type of Batwing Slug, Siphopteron cf. quadrispinosum. Batwing Slug are a type of Headshield Slug and have the ability to actually swim through the water, using the wing-like bits on the side of its body (the parapodia), which it can flap, up and down, like a bird. This one was not flying by the time I saw it, though my guide said that was how he first spotted it, as it moved through the water. This explained, at least, who he spotted it in the first place, as it was only a few millimetres long!! The Siphopterons move with a sort of jerky movement, as the pull themselves along, using their head to aid locomotion.

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