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  1. Poetics of Home, all movies


    from BRIC Added 103 1 0

    The Poetics of Home, collaborative stop motion animation project (video shown in alphabetical order) The video above is the result of three workshops, over fifty people participated. The lesson plan: What is a home? What is in a home? What does home mean to you? Pick a word relating to home and bring it to life with stop motion animation. Props, cutouts and art supplies will be provided. BRIC Teaching Artist Amanda Long will guide you through the process using the software iStopMotion3. October 4th, 5th and 12th 2013 2pm - 4pm Ages: All ages (5+ recommended) Location: Swing Space / BRIC House Lobby Stop-motion animation station equipment: • Laptops (2) • camcorder or web cam (2) • small tripods (2) • clamp light or flashlight • table • cable for projection of the movies (30’) • Projector • iStopMotion 3 Materials (examples): • game pieces • legos • toys • fake flowers • dolls • doll house furniture • drawing supplies / paper • pens • markers • scissors • tape • magazine cut outs • paper fasteners • subway maps • BRIC Merch / Stickers / etc • pipe cleaners • cotton balls • googly eyes • popsicle sticks • beads • wire • clay (Crayola Modelling Clay) • paint • your own body Activity Introduce stop motion animation techniques and tools using iStopMotion 3 . Allow guests to play and experiment. Provide guidance and assistance in creating stop-motion animations which are roughly 2-10 seconds long. This requires about 24-150 frames. Use any sort of objects as the subjects of animation including one’s own body. Some possibilities: transformations - materials in motion - regular, irregular, acceleration, deceleration; creating scenes from a home (outside/inside); create characters with magazine cutouts, bits of paper and other media; organize piles of beans, beads, candy, fake gems, coins; use clay or plasticine; use jointed action figures or other flexible dolls. Words and language will also be integrated (* Mobile Poetic Response Unit Project). Materials will be provided. Box Office Wall / Projection: Live feed update of a scene or finished animations on a loop Inspiration PES Human skateboarder video - Coinstar - Kaboom - The making of Kaboom - William Kentridge - Stop motion animation paintings: Oskar Fischinger Blu - Muto wall painting - Brickfilms (LEGO movies) StopMotion Shorts

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    • The Land of the Bllind


      from Minster Thingly Added 54 0 0

      i I moved into a really shitty apartment complete with a red light and its patrons below me and the well meaning, but more suited for zooligist experiments, that although ripely open-wounded with the sledgehammer that can be life, also came with the open-hearts. I got into more than I intended. I just saw a long wide wall I could hang my green screen onto, and shoot this thing I had planned for years. In the end, after struggling with voice acting, subtitles and awesomely honest friends who told told me it made no sense, I finally just left it, alone, withering, in a sort of digital limbo waiting for sun-spots to wipe it out. Instead of solar winds, the winds of providence allowed an Ange Ella Healy to play her song over it, giving it a home, nourishing it, loving it and most importantly letting its story be told. This is not her music over-top of a video, but quite the contrary. Our random lives are defined by people like Ange and her magical stitch wizardry that give us completion. Thank you Ange.

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      • designjunction "breaks the mould of the traditional trade show"


        from Dezeen Added

        See more architecture and design movies at Show director Deborah Spencer and creative director Michael Sodeau take us through their highlights of designjunction 2013 in this movie Dezeen filmed during London Design Festival. designjunction took place from 18 to 22 September 2013 in the industrial building of a former postal sorting office on New Oxford Street in London. "We feel it breaks the mould of the traditional trade show," says Spencer. "We're in the heart of central London, in a derelict building that hasn't been used for the last ten years. It's a really interesting back-drop and it presents design in a much more interesting light." Spread over three floors, designjunction showcased a range of furniture and lighting products by both young designers and established brands from the UK and abroad. In the movie we speak to exhibitors including London designer Paul Cocksedge, who was launching his Vamp gadget that plays music wirelessly through vintage speakers, Eero Koivisto of Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, who was presenting a new range of wicker lamps, as well as Patrzia Moroso of Italian furniture brand Moroso, which provided the furniture for the VIP lounge. The show also featured pop-up shops, bars and restaurants, as well as live manufacturing on site. "I wanted exhibitors and visitors to feel that they could spend a full day here," explains Michael Sodeau, creative director of the show. "The idea was to create a rhythm within the building, so it's almost like different districts." "On the ground floor we have the pop-up shops and street food. Then on the first floor we move up to more exhibitions, slightly more open spaces and then up onto the second floor where we have brands and a more exclusive restaurant and bar." Spencer says one of her personal highlights of this year's show was the Flash Factories area on the ground floor, which featured live demonstrations of various manufacturing techniques, from 3D printing and CNC routing to the production of hand-made bicycle saddles by British manufacturer Brooks. "We've got this really strong contrast between craft-making and future digital technology," she says. This year also featured a new lighting section on the first floor called lightjunction. "We've brought over a whole host of international brands that haven't shown in the UK for many, many years," Spencer explains. She adds: "On top of that we've got these really strong eateries. So you'll see Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa and there's a Sodastream bar on the ground floor offering complimentary drinks." Spencer claims that it is the variety on offer that sets designjunction apart from other design shows. "We're more than just an exhibition," she says. "We're actually a production, we put on a proper show that caters for all areas of design."

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        • NYC.


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          After 2 years here's the second memento I've done so far. I wasn't really inspired when i edited/made it, but i really wanted to do one so here it is ! I went to NYC just a few days ago and since i'm sick at home alone, i told myself to put some efforts and sort out all my pictures and to do this video :) For the music i really wanted a slow paced music and a song that had "New York" in it or that the band playing the song was from New York itself... well couldn't find a better song that "NYC" by the band "Interpol" :D (NYC © Interpol). Well hope you'll enjoy ! Here's my first memento : Look Into my Seoul... And here are the pictures from NYC :3

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          • Her by Dave Garrett


            from Abhishek Mukherjee Added 66 2 0

            Dave is an old friend. I met him at Five Points Coffee and Spice, a regular watering hole and temple of coffee where I met most people I know in Jacksonville. He would play at the regular and frequent open-mic events. His voice is so soulful; his songs carry emotions from a genuine place. The coffee shop closed after three years or so of operation. We lost our playground of culture and coffee-induced shenanigans. Then, I left Jacksonville for a job in another town. Overnight, I lost access to the kind of music Dave and many others played. Here is me trying to build an arc, a time capsule of sorts to remember all that was good at Five Points Coffee and Spice. Here is me trying to capture Dave's voice before it disappears in time and space. I shot this during a weekend trip to Jacksonville. Special thanks goes to beautiful Lina Skeim for letting me use her apartment for the shoot. For the mp3 version, please visit Dave's Reverbnation page

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            • POD v01-04


              from vjmandala Added 75 0 1

              SYNOPSIS: POD is the WIP name given to the custom VJ Systems designed and built c1996 by Adem Jaffers, (in co-collaboration with James Murray and Robin Cook). 2 POD systems with 8 Amiga computers (2x CD32 with Mpegg1 FMV card, 2x A500, 2x A1200, 2x A2000), 4x Genlocks, 2x VHS players, RF TV Transmitter to send video signal inline between units remotely, midi/genlock interfaces and vga/serial/parallel switch boxes. All custom mounted into 2 hospital stainless steel laundry trolleys, which were retro-fitted by Robin Cook (Mutoid Waste Co.) with triangular shaped adjustable shelving and with 2 identical saddle (type) configurations made out of an old car trailer tarp frame, U-Bolt mounted on top of each trolley (POD) to sit 2x 1084s Amiga monitors. In an ongoing attempt to integrate and unify Amiga technologies in a way that enables control of upto 7 Amiga computers via the Audio Mod Tracker 'Octamed'. Using Midi triggering, Arexx scripting (via TCP over SLIP Serial & PLIP Parallel) and DMX control, all from a single Amiga-CD32, all the other Amigas containing databases of computer animation (and audio samples) could be triggered to play whatever tempo (frame rate) and select layer level (FG, MG, BG) was required. The Midi triggered DMX signal controlled any sort of lighting or laser fixture aswell, the POD system was used on live shows where animation, sound and lighting could all be punched out from a semi-automated synchronised single system. The system is also versatile in scalability and media type control. This video is an example shown here is of just audio and animation in a video feedback test. Beyond the above technological setup was the aim to have control-ability of video feedback. The triggered animation layers individually and in oscillating sequences act as EFFECTORS of the video feedback system, partially guiding its formation in shape, detail and color. Video genlocks also gave another level of control by allowing adjustment of more traditional functions such as Brightness, Conrast and Cross-Fading of Animation layers. The second half of the video contains an example where rather than a domestic video camera being used, instead a robotic lego motion control rig was built with programmable control via the Dakta Software using LINGO code using Windows Dos. A miniature camera was fitted pointing to a 360x280p sized LCD screen. The rig could move in/out and camera on wheel mount could spin infinitely in any direction. Therefore, via code any position in/out (rig move) and left/right (Camera spin) coordinate could be repeated; along with a combination of programmable animation, lighting and sound states - made this system a (repeatable) multimedia system for use in performance work. The inspiration for the POD came from many years of VJ/Lighting performances at Raves and Cyberthon broadcasts. TITLE: POD v01-04 RECORDED AT: mums house - c.1997 APPROX DUR: 00:18:52 VJ MIX: VJ Mandala > Adem Jaffers aka Nuero 1990 & Tekno Mandala 1991-95 VISION TYPE: Multi-computer-layered midi trickered & genlocked animation effecting B&W Feedback H/S-WARE: Amiga, DPaint, Octamed Mod Tracker, Elan Performer, Genlock, Camera AUDIO LOOPS: Mutant > Adem Jaffers

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              • Journey from Assen to Groningen with David Hembrow


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                By now if you haven't seen our Streetfilm "Groningen: The World's Cycling City" you should check it out. Like, now! It has broken every single Streetfilms viewing record - it had nearly 40,000 plays in just its first week! One of the folks you'll see featured in that video is David Hembrow who has been reporting on cycling in the Netherlands for many years via one of the smartest transportation blogs out there "A View from the Cycle path". It's full of great knowledge you will want to devour. He also leads group bike tours of many cities in the Netherlands. I was very fortunate to get to spend some time with him and we got along famously. Above is a video with some anecdotes and biking montages during our 20 mile bike journey from Assen to Groningen. It's only a small taste of what you'll experience in the Netherlands, but I think it will leave you craving more. He currently has up a blog post full of all sorts of references and links to other posts that will give you a wealth of information about Groningen. Good stuff!

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                • Ditch Plains Teaser


                  from vitakuben Added

                  Ditch Plains, a new film by Loretta Fahrenholz. Shot in the East New York section of Brooklyn around the time of Hurricane Sandy, Ditch Plains (HDV, 29 mins) is a dystopian sci-fi street dance film featuring members of Ringmasters Crew. Like to see the whole film? send an email to film (at) Like avatars running the levels of an apocalyptic video game, Ringmasters Corey, Jay Donn and Marty McFly hallucinate the city and its networks as a space of terror, mutation and magic. “Flexing,” “bone breaking,” “pauzing” and “connecting” in nighttime streets, hotel hallways and a posh Park Avenue apartment, the dancers improvise dream-like scenes suggesting digital death matches, stop-and-frisk situations and catastrophic man-machine interfaces. Meanwhile, documentary shots of Far Rockaway show the city’s attempt to manage disaster in real life: police patrol the shattered flood zone as citizens line up with jerry cans. Scenes on iPhone screens play like Vine transmissions in a blacked-out world where no survivors or friends can receive them. Referencing contemporary pop spectacles such as Step Up Revolution, as well as Jean Rouch’s The Mad Masters, Ditch Plains imagines a sort of End of Days street party while free-styling an abstract narrative about the fatal coupling of subjects and systems under conditions of permanent crisis. With: Ringmasters Corey, Jay Donn, Marty McFly, Jim Fletcher, Vibez, Asha Flasha, Damian "Gucci-ino" Buchanan, Lil Buck, Spyda Da HatMan, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Princess Lockeroo, 8 Ball, Ace, Dez, DVS, Flizzo, Maze, Optimus, Problemz, Scorp, Lakela Brown, Marie Karlberg, Jackie Klempay, Michael Stynes, Vanessa Cintron, Prynce Ptah, Michael Sanchez Cinematography: Till Megerle, Editing/Sound Design: Steffen Martin, Additional Camera: Loretta Fahrenholz, Connor Owens, Additional Editing: Lena Hatebur, Production Coordination: Inka Meissner, Text: John Kelsey, Color Grading: Ben Brix, Title Animation: Elisabeth Schulze, Interlude Animation: Steffen Martin, Titles/Graphic Design: Lina Grumm/HIT, Music: Dan Aran, Timo Ellis, Steffen Martin Loretta Fahrenholz’s recent films include: Grand Openings Return of the Blogs (2012), Implosion (2011), Que Bárbara (2011) and Haust (2010). Founded in 2007, Ringmasters Crew is a competitive street dance crew based in New York. Ringmasters Crew has appeared on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, Entertainment Tonight and America’s Got Talent, as well as in music videos by Nicki Minaj and Black Eyed Peas.

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                  • Aesop Rock - None shall pass ( Aetoms Remix )


                    from Aetoms Added

                    [Verse 1] Flash that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist Wither by the watering hole, Border patrol What are we to Heart Huckabee Art fuckery suddenly Not enough young in his lung for the water wings Colorfully vulgar poacher, out of mulch Like I'm a pull the pulse out a soldier and bolt Fine, sign of the time we elapse When a primate climb up a spine and attach Eye for an eye, by the bog life swamps and vines They get a rise out of frogs and flies So when a dogfight's hog-tied prize sort of costs a life The mouths water on a fork and knife And the allure isn't right No score on a war-torn beach Where the cash cow's actually beef Blood turns wine when it leak for police Like that's not a riot it's a feast, let's eat [Hook] And I will remember your name and face On the day you are judged by The Funhouse cast And I will rejoice in your fall from grace With a cane to the sky like none shall pass None shall pass None shall pass [Verse 2] Now if you never had a day a snow cone couldn't fix You wouldn't relate to the rogue vocoder blitz How he spoke through a NoDoz motor on the fritz Cause he wouldn't play rollover fetch like a bitch And express no regrets, though he isn't worth a homeowner's piss To the jokers who pose by the glitz Fine sign of the swine in the swarm When a king is a whore who comply and conform Miles outside of the eye of the storm With a siphon to lure out a prize and award While avoiding the vile bazaar that is violence and war True blue triumph is more Like wait, let him snake up out of the centerfold Let it break the walls of Jericho, ready go Sat where the old, cardboard city folk Swap tales with heads like every other penny throw [Hook] And I will remember your name and face On the day you are judged by The Funhouse cast And I will rejoice in your fall from grace With a cane to the sky like none shall pass None shall pass None shall pass [Interlude] You tried, you tried, you tried to trick me You've got a, you've, you've got a, a lot of nerve I'm, I'm not, I'm not, trying to trick you I'm trust me, I'm trust me, I'm trying to help [Verse 3] Okay woke to a grocery list, goes like this Duty and death anyone object, come stand in the way You could be my little Snake River Canyon today And I ran with a chain of commands And a jetpack strapped where the backstab lands if it can Fine sign of the vibe in the crowd When I cut a belly open to find what climb out That's quite a bit of gusto he muster up To make a dark horse rush like enough's enough It must've struck a nerve so they huff and puff Till all the king's men fluster and clusterfuck And it's a beautiful thing To my people who keep an impressive wingspan Even when the cubicle shrink You got to pull up the intruder by the root of the weed NY chew through the machine [Hook]

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                    • Erin + Chris


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                      The Georgian Terrace has a sort of old school elegance to it, with it's beautiful architecture and design. I can't think of a couple to better set the scene than Erin and Chris. Erin had the grace and presence of a Hollywood starlet and Chris was just as dapper :-). They both fully got into the day and never stopped smiling, posing, and just having fun! They have a fresh spirit about them which was a blast to film. Enjoy! If you watch in HD, here's a quick tip!! Press Play once, then Pause and let the video load, then press Play again. Or just click HD off and enjoy! Thanks for your patience! Gear taken with us: 1 - Canon 5D Mark iii 1 - Canon 5D Mark ii 1 - Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 1 - Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 1 - Canon 14mm f/2.8 L II 1 - Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 1 - Manfrotto 561BHDV 1 - Manfrotto with 501 heads 1 - Glidetrack HD Slider 1 - Glidecam HD 2000 1 - Litepanels On-Board Light 1 - Rode VideoMic Pro Iris Films: Atlanta Wedding Videography Follow us on Facebook at

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                      • mediated_moments


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                        Fragment from mediated_moments mediated_moments is part of a series of installations produced by Miller, McArthur and Hinshaw to engage with folksonomies and visual patterns via the social media image repository Flickr. The work is a multi-channel visual and audio installation, which renders a large quantity of digital images depicting in-formation systems, communications, transport and the built environment of Beijing. The results of queries to the Flickr repository are activated using machine-vision technology mounted in the ceiling. mediated_moments, has been described by Miller as a memory ma-chine of sorts [13]. It tracks our relation-ships with people, things, places and scenarios via the use of streaming photo-graphs and an algorithm developed to structure the flow of images unfurling in horizontal film-like strips, sometimes in different directions, triggered by the movement of a viewer, under sensors, in the exhibition space. plasma_flow is a entirely different model deploying fluid dynamic simulations to visualise somatically engaging relations with the apparent flows of data and virtual others (when no live somatic input is available) defined by location and/or subject metadata scraped from the Chinese micro-blogging service Weibo with search queries on the thematics of the exhibition. The iteration of plas-ma_flow exhibited at CMoDA worked with the objective of graphing geo-relationships between current Weibo interactions into the plasma_flow virtual space. Tweets originating from the Bei-jing area are transposed using location and time difference into a directed force that is applied to the fluid simulation. The resulting movements are blended with those of the local participants. The flow of data in these works is ac-companied by a sonified audio environ-ment constructed from fragments of digital noise, field recordings and audio compositions and processed by a sound patch (granular synthesis) that segments and reassembles them into new configurations, and responsive juxtaposi-tions. The emergence of mediated_moments and plasma_flow demonstrate the scala-ble potential of urban media to merge into the urban social fabric, mapping and visualising individual's ‘unconscious’ thinking/intelligence onto a mixed-reality urban canvas. In the case of me-diated_moments, the crowd generated content forms a new genre – “city film” – city story telling by the city dwellers themselves. The mobility of the city triggers the filmmaking and play back in a live, or ‘living film’ process. By con-trast, plasma_flow creates a magic mirror to augment both physical mobility (loca-tive audience movement) and online social media traffic (Weibo).

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                        • The Pharcybe Music Promo (2009)


                          from Hasraf HaZ Dulull Added 61 1 0

                          Another Music promo I co-Directed with Seth Shekovsky at Little Red Robot. The Promo was played live at the Pharcyde Reunion concert at the time of the release of the video in 2009. This was handled between San Fransisco and London. Seth shot the talent on Black screen at such a sort time-frame (due to the short availability of the talents) and then sent over the footage for me to start designing the vfx back in london. I handled all the compositing in Nuke and VFX design of the shots. While a small team of animators and CG Artists back in LRR handled the neon characters.

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