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CreativeFluff is an Online Design and Art Magazine run by a group of critical young designers, artists & writers founded in 2008. We focus squarely on art & design from up-and-coming artists who transcend genre and trends. We assure our readers that our thorough coverage and content is relevant, informative and always original.

CreativeFluff is a well curated showcase of the very best in modern artists. We spotlight new contemporary & emerging artists as well as controversial topics in art which could very well define the future of art in our culture

Our Mission

We firmly believe that if you are dedicated to your craft as an artist, designer, filmmaker or critic, you deserve a chance to show the world what you’re capable of. We are here to help you do that. We pride ourselves on working with talented artists who are interested in developing their skills and networking with others in their industry. We currently work with a handful of selected artists who provide the very best in their work to be showcased on our website. We provide exposure, feedback and networking possibilities for artists & designers that work with us.

We are constantly searching for new artists with a commitment to promote, inspire and disseminate best works.

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