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Our world faces incredible challenges...

Creative Innovation 2010 was the place to learn from world-changing innovators, futurists, inspired thinkers and curious souls gathered together in an interactive community. It was a place to learn techniques and strategies, unlock and share ideas and gain empowering experiences. A place to imagine the future..

Creative Innovation 2010 featured more than 30 outstanding speakers, thinkers and leaders each speaking for no more than 20 minutes. Their expertise and knowledge spanned the fields of creativity, innovation, war & peace, food security, poverty, robots, the brain, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, education, mental health, communities, the future of work as we know it today and much, much more....

Interspersed throughout the conference were leading Chairs, provocateurs and creative talents with some art, poetry, music and comedy to transport delegates into a new headspace and for sensory enjoyment! Everyone shared in the same experience and had the opportunity to participate in the conversation.

This inaugural event also featured 2 deep conversations, 8 master classes and 3 inspiring concerts.

Conference participants gained a deeper understanding of our civilisation, the importance of creativity and innovation, and the interconnectivity between us all.
The aim was to increase knowledge and connections and develop new strategies to create a better world together.

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